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“That’s My Son”: Hollywood Actress Responds Upon Being Called a Patrick Mahomes Look-Alike On Viral Memes

Anushree Gupta

“That’s My Son”: Hollywood Actress Responds Upon Being Called a Patrick Mahomes Look-Alike On Viral Memes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has become a household name in the United States. With three Super Bowl wins under his belt, his fame has extended far beyond Missouri. While some famous names on his list of fans include Melissa Etheridge, Eric Stonestreet, and Paul Rudd, who would have thought that Mahomes would gain a fan through a viral meme?

Some fell in love with Mahomes after witnessing his footballing skills, while others adore him for his association with the Chiefs. However, for Sara Gibert, Patrick Mahomes became a favorite after a viral meme labeled him as her son. Gilbert on the ‘Jennifer Hudson Show‘ highlighted her love for Mahomes saying, “He’s my favorite now.” She also claimed that she already harbored a love for the sport, but becoming a Mahomes fan was an unexpected twist.

“I would always watch the Super Bowl and then I was like well this is fun. Why am I not watching during the season? And then there was this meme going around of me and Patrick Mahomes.”

Shortly after, Sara addressed the meme where she was called the mother of the 28-year-old quarterback. The actress even acknowledged the uncanny resemblance she shares with the quarterback, saying,

“She followed it so and then some people would say he looked like my kid and so I started to just get really into him.”

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While Mahomes has a new celebrity fan added to his list, his achievements justify him as a perfect favorite. Unbelievably, Gilbert’s fondness for the Chiefs initially stemmed more from Taylor Swift than the three-time Super Bowl winner. Still, her story of becoming a true KC fan highlights her adoration for Mahomes, whom she humorously keeps above Swift for being considered her ‘son’.

Fans Look for Patrick Mahomes’ Similarities in TV Stars

Patrick Mahomes has been the center of attraction for many reasons, including a few wrong ones. Despite spending seven years in the league with a myriad of achievements to boast, his froggy voice has never failed to leave fans in stitches. Interestingly, this voice has even led to comparisons with Kermit the Frog in the past, but a recent post on Reddit claimed Mahomes sounded just like Kenny Powers from the sitcom Eastbound and Down.

Patrick Mahomes’ recent appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ fueled this comparison further, as he recounted his post-Super Bowl celebration. The event involved a party with performances by The Chainsmokers and DJ Khaled.

His casual delivery and references to music genres had X buzzing with remarks like, “Patrick Mahomes straight up sounds like Kenny Powers.” Others pointed out similarities in appearance and demeanor, with one user jokingly suggesting Danny McBride should play an exaggerated version of Mahomes in a movie.

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Another set of jokes was initiated by KC’s head coach Andy Reid himself, who called his voice ‘froggish’ in 2018. In fact, Mahomes once revealed how the team mimicked his croaky voice to keep him grounded.

“If I’m ever getting too big of a head, they just kinda bring out the voice, you know, they try to mimic my voice,” Mahomes revealed via Gaines.

As the social media chatter continues, fans eagerly await the quarterback’s response to the amusing comparisons. Moreover, the idea of Patrick Mahomes’ biography might be something to look forward to especially if the Chiefs achieve their three-peat under his leadership.

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