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“The Antithesis of Deion Sanders”: ASU Coach Kenny Dillingham Attracts Praise After Harrowing Loss to Utah

Yagya Bhargava

"The Antithesis of Deion Sanders": ASU Coach Kenny Dillingham Attracts Praise After Harrowing Loss to Utah

Arizona State suffered a crushing loss to Utah, and coach Kenny Dillingham owned up to it. The injury-ridden Sun Devils were overwhelmed 55-3 by the defending Pac-12 champions. This loss was Arizona State’s worst in conference history, surpassing a 1988 defeat to No.2 USC.

After the disheartening loss, Coach Kenny displayed admirable accountability, admitting he did a “bad job” preparing the team to face Utah. Fans lauded Dillingham’s selflessness, noting that he shouldered the blame to protect his players from the weight of the loss. One fan mentioned how the team’s resilience, despite adversity and injuries, was truly impressive. The coach tweeted,

However, fans were quick to come to the team’s defense and were appreciative of the coach’s attitude and the progress they’ve all made as a team. One fan tweeted:

Another fan contrasted Dillingham with Deion Sanders, highlighting his willingness to accept responsibility and commit to improvement, earning their respect.

Kenny Dillingham expressed the frustration and determination of his team, emphasizing their refusal to quit despite adversity. The team faced significant player shortages, including seven offensive linemen, and suffered more injuries during the game.

These challenges severely impacted their offensive capabilities, making it hard to block and protect the quarterback. Arizona State resorted to playing three walk-ons due to dire circumstances. Their offensive woes were evident, going for 1-for-15 on third down and 1-for4 on fourth down with just seven first downs. Surprisingly, despite fans’ opinions that Dillingham and Deion Sanders are polar opposites, they share a bond of mutual respect.

Deion Sanders Publicly Expressed Deep Respect for Coach Kenny Dillingham

A month ago, Deion Sanders openly expressed his deep admiration for Coach Kenny Dillingham, highlighting their shared history, per PHNX Sports. He fondly recounted a time when Dillingham was a crucial part of his coaching staff, witnessing Kenny’s remarkable growth and display of his capabilities at an impressive level.

Deion’s words reflected genuine pride in Dillingham’s journey, affirming his belief in Coach Kenny’s potential. This mutual admiration is not one-sided, as the Sun Devils’ coach reciprocated the friendly sentiment. Dillingham spoke highly of Coach Prime, emphasizing that he holds no ill will toward him.

In fact, he even attempted to recruit Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sanders’ son, out of high school. Coach Dillingham commended the Buffaloes quarterback and recognized him as a seasoned version of the intelligent player he once met, one who remains composed under pressure.

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