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“The Coaches Are Accountable Too”: Deion Sanders Drops Unforgiving Take on Playing Like “Hot Garbage” Against Oregon

Prasenjeet Singh

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Deion Sanders’ fairytale with Colorado came to a surprising halt as the Buffs recently suffered a 42-6 blowout loss to Oregon. It was a hard-hitting defeat for CU after their heroics in the first three games. After the match, Coach Prime candidly admitted that his team got its “b*tt kicked”.

In his post-game press conference, Sanders gave a few classy responses. He addressed the reporters giving an honest assessment of his team’s performance. Sanders didn’t shy away from holding both, himself and his coaching staff, accountable for the disappointing outcome.

Deion Sanders Shares Blame for Buffs’ Loss Against the Ducks

Deion Sanders didn’t sugarcoat his responses while talking about the disappointing loss against the Oregon Ducks. In a candid post-game interview, he made it clear that accountability extended beyond the players to the coaching staff, including himself. Coach Prime said,

“I’m not gonna say that. You don’t always have to get your b*tt kicked to learn. People win and learn. I mean, that’s not something to learn. It’s not just the kids, the coaches are accountable, too. We are all accountable. Let’s start with me. We’re accountable for this. It’s not just the kids.”

Talking about the kind of performance the Buffs put up against the Ducks, Sanders said, “The way we played? That really surprised me. We played like hot garbage”. Needless to say, Sanders was terribly disappointed with his team’s rather poor outing.

Coach Prime Wants to Win the National Championship With CU

Deion Sanders is leaving no room for doubt when it comes to letting the world know about what he is looking to achieve with the Colorado Buffaloes. During a recent appearance on ESPN’s ‘First Take‘, Sanders made it clear that he’s on a mission to elevate his team to national championship contender status. He stated,

“I don’t dream or fantasize. When I do dream, I’m wide awake. Most people dream while they’re asleep, I’m wide awake, because I’m up and able to go get it. So I’ve seen that, and I know how we’ll go get it. I know how we’re gonna conquer it. I know how we’re gonna go do it, and we don’t need much.”

Coach Prime firmly believes that they are just a handful of exceptional recruits away from making that leap. In a conversation with Stephen A. Smith, Sanders said, “All you recruits out there, baby, you know I ain’t hard to find. I ain’t hard to find. We’re about seven to eight dawgs away from just changing the game. Seven to eight.”

It has been a fairy tale start to this season for the Buffs who had a 11-1 record last year. Even though they lost to the Oregon Ducks led by Bo Nix, the surreal impact of Deion Sanders on the Colorado Buffaloes can’t be undermined. The Buffs would be looking to bounce back strongly in their next game against USC.

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