“Steelers vs Browns Rivalry”: Mean Joe Greene Once Caused an ‘Ugly Brawl’ on Field Forcing Every Browns Player To Thrash Him After He Kicked Bob McKay In The N*ts

Arjun Sukumaran
|Published January 07, 2023

Rivalries are an integral part of the NFL world. Teams have had rivalries with each other for various reasons: being in the same city, the same region, or even facing each other far too many times than necessary. However, none (in the AFC) is as long as the one between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. None so violent as when Steelers’ Charles Greene effectively ended Browns’ Bob Mckay’s career.

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The rivalry between these two Rust belt teams was in full swing in 1975. The Browns went into their game against the Steelers on a 2-game losing streak. while the Steelers looked to reel from a frustrating loss to the Buffalo Bills just the previous week. Both teams were in a tense mood for the game, and the atmosphere was primed for a tussle. Only what happened was a full-on brawl.

The second period of the game saw players at each other’s throats, allegedly after the Browns engaged in some foul play. Then Steelers head coach Chuck Noll claimed “there was a lot of holding and the refs did nothing about it. We took matters into our own hands”. Or feet, if you’re talking about “Mean” Joe Greene.

In the midst of all the tussling, Greene decided he wanted to settle the matter once and for all. Or maybe that’s what he hope would happen. Greene, in a fit of rage, proceeded to kick Browns’ Bob McKay right in the groin. As McKay fell to the ground, Greene kicked him another three times, for good measure. Before he could land another, other Browns’ players swarmed him, delivering hits of their own.

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Ghastly brawl between Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns mars win

The Steelers went on to win the game 42-6, but as many would think, at what cost? News of the win was overshadowed by the headlines the fight made, and the cost was high for the Browns.

For the first time in their history, the Browns were 0-3 at a season’s start. More importantly, their offensive lineman McKay would never return to play football ever again.

While the rivalry between these two teams still lives on, thankfully it is not as violent as it was back then. While we can expect a few tussles and a few slaps here and there, no one is ending someone else’s career over a late hit or an excess tug on the shirt.

With both teams out of playoff contention this season, they’ll have ample time to reflect upon their team’s performances, make changes, and one-up their rivals.

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