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Tom Brady’s Fox 2024 Schedule: Don’t Miss These Top 5 NFL Games in His $375M Broadcasting Debut

Suresh Menon

Does Tom Brady Drink? A Look Back at His Hilarious Super Bowl Parade After Brutal Netflix Roast

Last year, Tom Brady shocked the NFL world when he announced his comeback to the league, albeit as a commentator. Many didn’t see the GOAT taking this career path. But when Fox comes up with a 10-year deal worth $375 million, even Tom Brady cannot deny the opportunity.

Fast forward a year, and Tom Brady is now much more comfortable with public speaking thanks to multiple podcast appearances and his Netflix special.

We are just a few months away now from seeing Brady make his debut as a color commentator alongside Kevin Burkhardt in Fox’s No. 1 booth. With the broadcasting network having released Brady’s schedule for commentary, here are 5 NFL matches from Brady’s schedule that one just can’t miss.

1] Dallas Cowboys vs Cleveland Browns [Week 1]

Tom Brady will debut his color commentary career in the opening weekend of the NFL with a mouthwatering clash between the Cowboys and the Browns. Apart from the obvious Tom Brady debut hype, another reason to tune in to this match is Caleb Williams.

The much-hyped prospect is highly likely to debut, and there might not be a better commentator to judge and call his plays than TB12. Add the Dallas Cowboys’ current popularity and this becomes a blockbuster NFL match.

2] Detroit Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Week 2]

Week 2 of the NFL juggernaut sees Brady’s former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Detroit Lions in what is a rematch of the playoffs last season. The Lions are one of the most likable teams in the block today.

The Bucs meanwhile will have Brady’s allegiance in the commentary box. Hence it will be interesting to see how Tom traverses this muddy task of staying neutral while calling for his beloved team. Safe to say, on-field and off-field entertainment is guaranteed in this fixture.

3] LA Rams vs San Francisco 49ers [Week 3]

Tom Brady has always had the upper hand when facing the LA Rams. The Rams were handed a last moment of heartbreak by Brady in Super Bowl 53. Moreover, the GOAT’s last match against the Rams also saw TB12 ending up victorious. Considering Tom Brady grew up as a 49ers fan, this week 3 matchup between two elite teams is shaping up to be a must-watch game on TV.

4] Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles [Week 4]

Philadelphia Eagles were among the few teams to have had the misfortune of getting roasted by Tom Brady in his Netflix special. “Philly fans are just racist a*****s,” was what Brady had to say. Hence it will be awkward when TB12 enters the commentary box and talks about the atmosphere of the stadium and the squad.

Brady however can find solace in the fact that the Bucs will be playing the game. So he can always talk about his former team in case he gets flashbacks of his roast.

5] New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins [Week 5]

Finally, after a month into his broadcasting career, Brady will return to the Gillette Stadium and commentate for the New England Patriots. While the game itself won’t be a spectacle on-field, the match will be a must-watch simply for Brady.

Patriots fans have had a rough few years since the GOAT left. Hence hearing a familiar voice reminiscent of their glory days would make for a compelling watch for the Patriots fans. Moreover, we also predict Brady to be the most vivacious in his match.

The NFL fever has slowly started to kick in with the Schedule release. With top NFL draft prospects making their debut, KC Chiefs’ threepeat, and Tom Brady’s commentary debut, there’s a lot to look forward to this season!

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Suresh Menon

Suresh Menon


Suresh Menon is an NFL writer at The SportsRush with over 700 articles to his name. Early in his childhood, Suresh grew up admiring the famed BBC of Juventus making the Italian club his favorite. His love for soccer however soon translated to American football when he came across a Super Bowl performance from his Favourite Bruno Mars. Tom Brady’s performance in the finals left an imprint on him and since then, he has been a die hard Brady fan. Thus his love for the sport combined with his flair for communication is the reason why he decided to pursue sports journalism at The SportsRush. Beyond football, in his free time, he is a podcast host and likes spending time solving the Rubik’s cube.

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