“Trust me, Chris talks about everything”: 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan dismisses rumours that his friend and NBC analyst Chris Simms gets inside information on the San Francisco 49ers.

Arth Chandra
|Published March 30, 2021

Kyle Shanahan and NBC analyst Chris Simms are friends and is not a fact that is hidden from NFL circles. Thus, after Chris Simms latest prediction that said the 49ers would pick Mac Jones with the 3rd overall pick, rumors ran galore speculating Shanahan and Simms relationship.

San Francisco shocked the league after they essentially traded 3 first round and a 3rd round pick to move up to the 3rd spot on the draft board. HC Kyle Shanahan and Gm John Lynch have since been seen attending Alabama QB Mac Jones 2nd pro day instead of going to see Justin Fields at Ohio State. While many analysts have been giving their predictions, Chris Simms has seemed to be supremely confident in his.

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Chris Simms thinks that the San Francisco 49ers will select Mac Jones

Simms has stated on various occasions that he believes that his friend Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers organization will select QB Mac Jones with the 3rd overall pick

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“I think it’s Mac Jones.” Simms said on PFT Live. “I don’t know that, but just knowing my friend, knowing his history, knowing his school of thought to make that type of move, that’s the one that makes sense to me. … Jones makes sense to him, one, because, I think, after Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson … he’s the most NFL ready right now.”

This led a number of analysts in the NFL circle to think that Simms might be getting inside information on the 49ers.

Kyle Shanahan dispelled all rumors

“Trust me, Chris talks about everything,” Shanahan said. “Therefore, I haven’t been able to talk to him in a couple of years. Anyone who you’re friends with who speaks in the media, and people think you’re friends with them, that means you’re not allowed to tell them anything. That’s why he doesn’t even ask me stuff. Because if he does ask me something, and I tell him, then he can’t say it.”

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The San Francisco 49ers have been showing a lot of interest in Mac Jones. Out of all the QBs that could be available at the No.3 spot, Jones does seem the best in terms of fitting into Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme. Regardless of who they pick, who starts at QB1 week 1 of the season will be very interesting to see.

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