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Warren Sapp Drops a Massive Statement About Joining Deion Sanders’ Legacy in Colorado; “Chances of Winning Just Went Through the Roof”

Prasenjeet Singh

Warren Sapp Drops a Massive Statement About Joining Deion Sanders’ Legacy in Colorado; "Chances of Winning Just Went Through the Roof"

Deion Sanders’ heroics at Colorado have made him the king of all the headlines in recent times. The ‘Deion craze’ has reached a level that not only is he garnering more interest for potential coaching jobs, but is also luring NFL Hall of Famers to his coaching staff. Former NFL DT Warren Sapp recently expressed his interest in joining Coach Prime in his journey to change the landscape of Colorado’s college program.

In his appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, Sapp, who is also a longtime friend and admirer of Deion Sanders, said that he wants to be a part of Coach Prime’s team in 2024. While Sanders is yet to confirm this move for the upcoming season, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Sapp actually ends up joining the Buffs.

Warren Sapp Wants to Coach the Buffs Alongside Coach Prime

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp recently made a bold statement about his future plans as a football coach. Apparently, he wants to share the field with Deion Sanders at Colorado. Speaking on the ‘Rich Eisen Show’, Sapp sounded extremely eager to join the Buffs in the upcoming year. Talking to Rich Eisen about his future plans, Sapp said,

“I want to be there next year. I’m gonna get everything, the paperwork to work and I’m gonna go to work. It’s time to go get this degree and then we’re going to go teach these kids. I know something about this game. When you have a quarterback like Shedeur and my D-line go hunt the other quarterback, our chances of winning just went through the roof.”

Furthermore, Sapp gave his opinion on the Buffs vs Rams game as he questioned why an opposing player wasn’t penalized for an incident involving Travis Hunter. He said, “Why didn’t they throw that kid out of the game.” Warren Sapp was referring to Henry Blackburn who tackled Travis Hunter in an awful manner causing him to leave the field and be rushed to a local hospital.

Back in 2020, there were rumors that Sapp would join Coach Prime at Jackson State. However, that didn’t come to fruition. Now once again, the rumor mill has started and apparently, this time it will see the light of day. “Go Buffs,” said Sapp at the end of the interview with Eisen.

Deion Sanders and Warren Sapp Go Way Back

The bond between Warren Sapp and Deion Sanders is quite old and strong. It’s evident in Warren’s desire to officially join Coach Prime’s legacy at Colorado. Both, Sanders and Sapp, were a part of NFL Network’s coverage. Sapp made his name while playing for the Buccaneers and retired with the Raiders in 2007. Coach Prime and Warren Sapp are some of the most respected and successful players in their respective positions.

Sapp now clearly wants to establish himself as a coach. This has been a recurring theme as Warren Sapp has shared his intentions publicly on a number of occasions. He is already actively involved with the Buffs. In fact, he recently appeared in their daily vlog posts via Well Off Media‘.

Sapp recently mentioned, “I’m going to go get my degree and I’m going to ask Prime for a spot on his staff.” With an amazing NFL career behind him and a wealth of experience, Sapp could prove to be another game-changer for Colorado.

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