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Chiefs to Set a New Benchmark With Andy Reid’s Blockbuster Extension, as They Did With Patrick Mahomes’ $210M Deal; Insider Reveals

Suresh Menon

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A standard practice after a Super Bowl-winning season across all NFL teams is handing out contract extensions to the managers and head coaches. Hence, it was unusual when Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City Chiefs failed to extend the contracts of GM Brett Veach and HC Andy Reid. The duo last signed extensions after their first Super Bowl win in this cycle in 2019. Since then, despite winning the Super Bowl last season, the duo have strangely been underpaid without extensions. However, it has all changed today.

Over the last few years, one of the concerns around the 65 year old Chiefs HC Andy Reid has been him nearing retirement. Many expected Coach Reid to hang up his boots after the Super Bowl win this season. But his latest confirmation that he is geared up for the three peat has put those concerns to rest. Hence, NFL Insider Tom Pelissero in his latest report has confirmed that the Chiefs are extending Reid and Veach’s contract. The report was verified by the KC Chiefs where they revealed that Reid’s new deal will be till 2029 and the fiscal compensation makes him the highest paid coach in the NFL.

While salary and contracts of NFL support staff members are usually not revealed, it’s reported that elite NFL coaches generally earn around $15 million. Coaches are also not paid highly with the current highest paying coach being Sean Payton who earns a reported $18 million. With reports stating that Reid has been awarded the highest salary, it’s safe to assume that he will be earning more than $18 million a year with the Chiefs.

Coach Reid’s extension till 2029 is also near the time frame of Patrick Mahomes’ contract. However, the fiscal aspects of the contracts are super different yet alike. Here’s how.

Comparing The Contracts of Coach Andy Reid And Patrick Mahomes

With Coach Reid’s bumper new contract, the Chiefs HC can now be attributed as the Mahomes of the HC world considering the longevity and monetary benefits of their contracts. For starters, Patrick Mahomes’ latest contract is a 10 year contract worth $450 million set to end in 2031. But just $45 million a year? Don’t other QBs earn more than that? Well that’s true. This is also why Mahomes’ contract was reworked recently helping him earn a whopping $210.6 million in the next years, making his contract worth $52.65 million annually.

Coach Reid meanwhile had a bump from his last contract of $11.5 million to a currently speculated $18 million+ contract. Andy Reid’s contract simply pales in front of Mahomes despite the significance and fundamental similarities between them. However, when compared with fellow coaches, Coach Reid has Patrick Mahomes esque dominance. Reid’s latest contract easily eclipses Sean Payton ($18 million), Pete Carrol and Sean McVay earning $15 million contracts. Kevin Stefnaski of the Browns is the lowest paid coach with a salary of $3.5 million making the difference between his and Reid’s salary – a whopping $15 million +.

All said and done, Andy Reid was super happy with the contract extension. More than the much deserved monetary raise, Reid was happy that he gets to play out his career in a city where has had all his 12 grandkids. The contract extension thus holds immense sentimental value for HC.

Post Edited By:Shubham Bhargav

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