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Will Compton Responds to Fans’ Concerns About Patrick Mahomes Looking ‘Out of Shape’

Aditya Rajput

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The off-season training is upon us and players are returning after their break to prepare for the upcoming season. And while the reigning champion Patrick Mahomes is all set for his training, his fitness is being critically questioned by fans. As a video of the 2x defending Super Bowl champion went viral, former linebacker Will Compton couldn’t help but jump in on the discourse.

As Mahomes went viral for his physique going into the Chiefs facility for being “severely out of shape after returning from the offseason,” some fans also defended him in the comments. While some fans pointed out that he is clearly in normal off-season shape and has enough time to get back to a strong stature, Will Compton took the cake with the best reply as he said succinctly:

On the other end of the spectrum were football fans who were ready to name-call the QB and fat-shame him.  They seemed to believe that his physique was ‘severely’ out of shape for a pro athlete. A lot of fans began to body shame the QB, mock him, and even question his commitment to the team:

While Compton was very direct with how he felt about all the hate Mahomes was getting, the QB himself has made it clear in the past that the shape he is in, is in fact intentional. Mahomes has previously mentioned the advantages of his ‘dad bod’.

Patrick Mahomes’ Intentions With His Dad Bod

While QBs like Lamar Jackson and Tua Tagovailoa are going all out during the off-season to get shredded, Mahomes is content with his shape. Per the Daily Mail, he has made it clear that he thinks having a dad bod is good for a QB. He remains of the opinion that a little bit of fat on him has helped him get some padding for all the hits he has to take.

Moreover, he has been one of the healthiest QBs in terms of injuries, so there is a high chance his logic makes sense.

While he is continuously criticised by people for his physique, it is difficult to forget the image of a shirtless bulky Mahomes celebrating his third Super Bowl win. While there remains some time before the season starts, the kind of judgment he faces right now is baseless when his accomplishments are taken into consideration.

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