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With a Lowly $805,000 Contract, Patrick Mahomes’ Teammate Becomes 2nd Lowest Paid QB in 2024

Yagya Bhargava

With a Lowly $805,000 Contract, Patrick Mahomes' Teammate Becomes 2nd Lowest Paid QB in 2024

While the Kansas City Chiefs have the liberty to boast the talents of Patrick Mahomes, one of the game’s highest-paid and most celebrated quarterbacks, they also house a diamond in the rough – Chris Oladokun, whose modest paycheck belies his unwavering dedication to the craft.

According to recent reports from Over The Cap, Oladokun finds himself among the lowest-paid signal-callers in the league for the 2024 season, a mere $805,000 contract with a $10,000 signing bonus setting him apart from even the league’s lowest-paid QB. Yet, this financial disparity pales in comparison to the riches Oladokun has accumulated through his unwavering commitment to the game he loves.

A former seventh-round selection by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022, Oladokun’s journey has been a winding road of perseverance. He found a home on the Chiefs’ practice squad after being waived by the Steelers. This is where his talents proved invaluable in sharpening the skills of the team’s starters.

Despite his lack of game action, Oladokun has etched his name into Chiefs lore, proudly sporting two hard-earned Super Bowl rings – a testament to the collective effort that fuels championship dynasties.

However, Oladokun’s contributions extend far beyond the practice field. During the Chiefs’ relentless march to the AFC Championship game last season, the quarterback assumed a role of paramount importance – donning the mantle of Lamar Jackson himself, providing an invaluable simulation of the dynamic Ravens star as Andy Reid’s troops prepared for battle.

While the spotlight may elude him for now, eclipsed by the brilliance of Mahomes and the seasoned savvy of Carson Wentz, Oladokun’s tale serves as a powerful reminder that greatness is not solely measured in dollar signs or individual accolades.

What is the difference between Patrick Mahomes and Chris Oladokun’s Average Annual Salary?

There’s no sugar-coating the fact that Chris Oladokun’s paycheck is microscopic compared to Patrick Mahomes’. There is a $44 million difference between their yearly salaries! Mahomes is getting paid like the superstar he is, raking in $450 million over 10 years with the Chiefs, per Sportrac. But for an unproven guy like Oladokun, that $805,000 contract is about as good as it gets.

Still, here’s the thing – the financial gap doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for Oladokun. Sure, he’s not getting Mahomes money anytime soon. But the man has a front-row seat to arguably the best quarterback show on the gridiron right now. Every single day in practice, in film sessions, and even in the locker room, Oladokun gets to see how an elite mind like Mahomes operates.

Instead of moping about his humble rookie wage, the smart play for Chris Oladokun is to be a sponge. Absorb everything he can from watching Mahomes dissect defenses, study how he stays unflustered even when the pocket is collapsing, and pick up on all the little details that turn a good quarterback into an all-time great like Patrick.

The financial windfall may not be there yet for Oladokun, but having a mentor and teacher like Mahomes? That’s an opportunity money can’t buy. If he makes the most of this chance to learn from the best, who knows where his career could go from here?

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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