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“You’re Doing Something You Shouldn’t”: Travis Kelce Spills the Secret to Being His Friend

Ayush Juneja

"You're Doing Something You Shouldn't": Travis Kelce Spills The Secret To Being His Friend

Travis Kelce loves his life and is never afraid to show it. When in celebratory mode, he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself either. His on-field accolades are no secret, but it’s his off-field banter that many are fond of, and undoubtedly, not many would turn down the opportunity to be friends with the always-upbeat Kelce. What about the Chiefs star, though? To what extent does the star tight end value camaraderie?

During the filming of his new Zen Water “Find Yours” campaign, Travis Kelce recently spoke with “E! News” about his fitness regimen and what helps him maintain balance. The three-time Super Bowl champ asserted that the key to balance is keeping friends and family close.

He cherishes every opportunity to spend time with them, and those are the people that keep him grounded and honest. They show him the mirror and point out his flaws, all while praising him and motivating him.

“The balance is really just friends and family. As long as I keep those close and keep those real, those conversations real, those opportunities to be with them, take advantage of those, make sure time for that aspect of my life. I feel like that has always been my ying to my yang,” Kelce expressed. “People around you, who can tell you are tripping or you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing, then on top of that give you a pat on the back when you doing things the right way”

It is evident that Kelce’s inner circle has an impact because the star tight end is no longer a loose cannon. Throughout his career, he has seen a lot of personal growth and now appears to be more calm and composed on the field.

Travis Kelce Has Transformed From Being a Young Kid to a Seasoned Professional

Travis Kelce added in the interview that he no longer has an amateur mindset and has grown in experience. He has now developed a more nuanced understanding of the game and is curious about every call or every play Andy Reid asks the team to execute.

While the grind has its place, the game is now more of a chess match, and Kelce wants to stay one move ahead of his opponents. The game is won more in the minds now than on the field. That mental capacity and the ability to think faster is something he has developed over time.

“I am so much more professional on the field now,” Kelce said. “When I was younger, it was kind of like just go out there- man it is going to be a hard practice, you’re going to be running a lot. I wouldn’t complain about it but I would just know, it’s going to be a grind. Find a way to grind it out and work on your fundamentals. Nowadays I am thinking- Why does Coach Reid love this play? Why does Pat like a route vs this coverage? It’s more of a chess mentality of how we are going to beat our opponents.”

With three Super Bowl rings and the status of the highest-paid tight end going into the 2024 season, the younger Kelce will be well-prepared. He and his Chiefs successfully defended their title earlier this year, and if they keep this up, the team will accomplish a feat never before accomplished by an NFL team: a three-peat.

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