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Zach Wilson Had An Opportunistic Response To Sean Payton Calling Broncos QBs “Orphaned Dogs”

Anushree Gupta

Zach Wilson Had An Opportunistic Response To Sean Payton Calling Broncos QBs “Orphaned Dogs”

The Denver Broncos made a bold move by parting ways with veteran Russell Wilson and giving Zach Wilson another chance to prove himself. Sean Payton, the mastermind behind this change, brought Wilson into his QB room already filled with Jarrett Stidham and Bo Nix.

Aware of the challenges ahead, Payton had a bitter comparison of his offensive men. After the organized team activities at Centura Health Training Center, Sean Payton addressed the media, touching on the most burning topic: the quarterback situation of the Broncos. His ‘orphan dogs’ comment sparked widespread debate, but it looks like Zach Wilson took it all in stride.

When asked which type of dog he would like to be, Wilson responded that he loved huskies and wanted to embody their tender and loving nature. This playful inquiry gave way to an opportunistic reply from Wilson:

“I’m a husky guy. I like huskies, got a couple [of] huskies at home- tender [and] loving,” answered Zach Wilson.

Despite the harsh comparison, which might have deterred many spirits, Zach Wilson remained excited about being part of the locker room. During an interaction with the media, he attributed much of his optimism to Payton and the QB room environment.

“I mean, we’ve gone through it, right? You can see why it’s been three years of tough challenges, but in the end, that’s what makes us stronger. You just need somebody to believe in you and believe in yourself, and be able to just keep working hard and getting better,” Wilson remarked.

It’s often said that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And Zach Wilson certainly embraced this philosophy, turning Payton’s tough words into a source of motivation. And it seems he was able to take off the spotlight from his coach’s comments towards a more positive storyline.

Sean Payton Maintains QB Spot Is Wide Open

Payton’s comments did not go down well with fans on social media and even analysts and reporters. Although, some say that it was intentional move to fire up his quarterbacks. Given his body of work and ability to create long lasting cultures, it might just be true. At the core, it feels it was just to keep the competition going.

Coach Payton realizes how the trio is competing well to take the Broncos to newer heights. At the conclusion of their first week of OTAs, Payton addressed the media, emphasizing that the competition among the quarterbacks Zach Wilson, Bo Nix and Jarrett Stidham was still wide open. He praised all three quarterbacks vying for the starting job. He also cautioned that it was too early to read into the order in which they took snaps.

Previously, the Broncos had a hard time fitting in with Russell Wilson, who proved to be a bad fit despite his veteran status. And Sean Payton realizes that any hasty decisions could replicate what happened in the past. But with three competent prospects on the roster, maybe Payton will have a better second year in Denver.

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