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“Beat My Godson Before You Can Race Me”: Usain Bolt Asserts Supremacy as Chris Gayle Challenges Him for 100M Race

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Beat My Godson Before You Can Race Me”: Usain Bolt Asserts Supremacy as Chris Gayle Challenges Him for 100M Race

Recently, there has been a lot of contention between Jamaican cricket legend Chris Gayle and sprint icon Usain Bolt. Despite hailing from different sports, they have a friendly feud surrounding a pending sprint showdown. However, the track legend recently took to Instagram, challenging Gayle to beat his godson, NJJ, before confronting the eight-time Olympic gold medalist himself.

Recently, Usain Bolt posted a video on Instagram featuring little NJJ, the son of Usain Bolt’s friend N.J. Walker, who has a special place in the sprint king’s heart. The young athlete has also demonstrated tremendous talent in a variety of sports, as evidenced by his godfather, who serves as his mentor and is overjoyed to watch him succeed.

The video shows NJJ and five other youngsters preparing for the track competition. All of the kids showed enormous potential, but Bolt’s godson was the quickest of them all.

After watching his godson sprint at such a rapid pace, Bolt had an interesting idea. He has already been challenged by Gayle, but he wanted the cricket icon to race against NJJ first, as he wrote,

“@chrisgayle333 u av to can beat my godson #NJJ before u can race me.”

The sprint legend counter-challenged Gayle with an authentic Jamaican accent. While the cricket hero did not re-post the story on his social media handle, it does raise plenty of questions for fans to speculate about these two icons contending on the track.

The cricket match that led to the challenge between Usain Bolt and Chris Gayle

A few years ago, Chris Gayle and Usain Bolt took part in a charity cricket match. The cricket legend described how the sprinter bowled a beautiful bouncer that he had to dodge. However, the No. 333 began hitting the Olympic gold medalist for many boundaries, including his signature big sixers.

Nevertheless, a few deliveries later, Bolt took Gayle’s wicket because of an inside edge to the stump, and the 44-year-old immediately challenged the sprint superstar to a 100-meter race. However, the former West Indies batsman later claimed that Bolt did not show up for their showdown.

To his defense, the Jamaican icon insisted that on the cricket field, fans have watched Gayle always opt for huge hits rather than singles or doubles, leading to doubts about his sprinting ability. Well, it is evident that the two legends have different perspectives of each other, but fans would love to see them engage in a friendly feud on the track.

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