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“This Is T&F Post of the Year”: Fred Kerley Sends Track World Into Frenzy After Using Lil Yachty Meme Template Ahead of Diamond League Race Week

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“This Is T&F Post of the Year”: Fred Kerley Sends Track World Into Frenzy After Using Lil Yachty Meme Template Ahead of Diamond League Race Week

The Lil Yachty walkout meme template is quite popular on social media platforms. Many prominent figures have used this meme template to express their views on a specific topic. This time, it was track & field star, Fred Kerley, who shared a similar type of video on Instagram employing AI technology, leaving his admirers in complete amazement.

The AI replaces Kerley’s photo from his latest Hurricane Invitational race with Lil Yachty. Kerley takes the stage, and the audience cheers, just as much as they did at the American rapper’s show. The AI accurately depicts Kerley performing on stage, demonstrating advanced technology.

The track star utilized this meme video to delight his fans and announce his participation in the forthcoming Diamond League this week. He also provided a caption for his Instagram post that read:

“Race week here at the first diamond league of the year @xiamendiamondleague”


The Diamond League will begin on April 20, leaving the track and field world excited about it. The event will include numerous popular athletes. However, fans didn’t anticipate the manner of Kerley’s announcement of participation in this fashion. Kerley is known for his cryptic messages, but this Instagram post was the polar opposite.

“Lmfao Fred is one of the least expressive runners, so the thought of this happening is hilarious! Like we have gotten used to the reserved death stare.”

The AI depicted Kerley accurately; however, it did overlook a few features.

“My guy added on some weight.”

Anson Henrey, a retired Canadian sprinter, and Olympic athlete, was likewise pleased with the viral social media post.

“This is T&F Post of the Year right now.”

The track world has long desired to include an introductory video for athletes when they compete in a certain event. This user believes that the AI meme is an accurate way of presenting.

“Think we found the way track athletes need to be announced to the crowd.”

Kerley is not the sort of athlete who posts memes on social media, but this particular post has transformed many followers’ perceptions of him.

“The day Fred Kerley show this much emotion he prob going 9.6.”

This video focuses solely on Fred Kerley’s eagerness for the Diamond League. Since its announcement a few weeks ago, he has eagerly anticipated the Diamond League, and supporters are excited to see him at the Xiamen event.

Fred Kerley to face fierce track competition in a few days

Fred Kerley’s Xiamen trip will be brimming with track action. The athlete will compete in the 100-meter sprint against Christian Coleman and Yohan Blake. While more athletes have registered and are on the grid, these two will challenge Kerley the most. Coleman began his outdoor season after winning a gold medal at the World Athletics Indoor Championships.

He competed at the Miramar Invitational, where he won silver in the 200-meter event. Yohan Blake, the Jamaican athlete, did not have a good time in the same event as Coleman. But being a two-time Diamond League Final winner, his expectations for the Xiamen event are high. Despite all these challenges, Kerley anticipates a successful outdoor season ahead of the Paris Olympics later this year.

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