Patrick Beverley Reveals Kawhi Leonard is Not as ‘Weird’ as it Seems, Says the 2x Finals MVP ‘Chooses’ Not To Talk Much

Nithin Joseph
|Published 26/11/2022

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best basketball players in today’s games. The man has been both an elite defender and a great scorer in recent years.

That being said, there is one criticism The Klaw has had levied against him, apart from the injuries. Despite being an NBA superstar, Kawhi isn’t much of a talker like some of his other peers.

In fact, many would classify him as being “weird”. But, his former teammate believes otherwise, claiming that the two-time NBA Champion chooses not to talk.

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Patrick Beverley claims Kawhi Leonard isn’t as weird as he seems

If there was one player in the NBA that could be classified as inhuman, it is Kawhi Leonard. And, not because of his insane basketball skills, but because of his near-robotic personality.

Some would even classify him as a “weirdo”. However, his former teammate Patrick Beverley claims that it is the exact opposite. Going so far as to say that Kawhi is the guy in the locker room who cracks the jokes.

Beverley recently revealed that the only reason the media doesn’t get to see that side of Leonard is that he chooses not to talk too much. Simply because he doesn’t want his words to be misconstrued.

An interesting observation from Pat Bev. Although it is a tad bit hard to believe, considering who we are talking about.

The Klaw is consistently criticized by the NBA community for his lack of game time these days

Kawhi may be soft-spoken to avoid media attention, but he has been under scrutiny recently. Particularly from Kendrick Perkins who has questioned Leonard’s injury proneness and even compared him to an equally injury-prone player in Anthony Davis.

Kawhi is currently out with an injury and is unlikely to feature anytime soon. Which raises the question, when will we see The Klaw back on the court?

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