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Ayjay Hintz Wins the Middleweight Match by Disqualification at Power Slap 7, as Azael Rodriguez’s Best Efforts Go to Vain

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Ayjay Hintz Wins the Middleweight Match by Disqualification at Power Slap 7, as Azael Rodriguez’s Best Efforts Go to Vain

The Power Slap events may get quite complex at times because of the many rules that govern the sport. During the Power Slap 7 main title event, Azael Rodriguez delivered Ayjay Hintz a hard slap in the middleweight fight. However, his efforts were in vain as he was disqualified due to committing a foul.

As soon as both competitors entered the ring, the audience and the commentators were ecstatic. Ayjay Hintz entered the stage of the Power Slap 7 with a lot of energy and showcased his confidence to the crowd. Rodriguez, too, was no different, as he waved toward the audience, showcasing his competitiveness.

The 30-year-old athlete took the striker position after winning the toss. Both athletes seemed confident about themselves hinting they would go home a winner. However, in combat sports, there is only one victor. Rodriguez smacked Ayjay Hintz hard, causing him to fall to the ground instantly.

The defender took his time to get up, as things were looking in favor of Rodriguez. However, the whole game took a huge turn when the referees called a foul on Azael Rodriguez.

Due to a clubbing foul, the 29-year-old Hintz defeated his opponent without making any moves. The disappointment on the face of Rodriguez was completely visible, as this decision stunned the crowd and the commentators alike.

Coming to the Power Slap 7, Hintz expected a good fight. However, things didn’t turn out the way he expected them to. This being his debut in the middleweight category, he even acknowledged Rodriguez as a formidable opponent in a pre-match interview.

Ayjay Hintz’s thoughts on his opponent before Power Slap 7

A few weeks before traveling to Las Vegas to take part in Power Slap 7, Ayjay Hintz spoke with Slap News. Making his middleweight debut was a whole new challenge for the former light heavyweight champion. Nonetheless, he was very much looking forward to it because he was facing a well-known athlete.

He did feel stronger and more confident than ever, even though he had lost weight and fell into this category. In addition, he gave a compliment, describing Azael Rodriguez as a clean and strong striker. While he was thrilled to be competing, he was also cognizant of the talent his opponent possessed.

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