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Power Slap 7 Final Results and Power Slap 8 Date Announcement

Radha Iyer

Power Slap 7 Final Results and Power Slap 8 Date Announcement

The Power Slap 7, was an event full of jaw-dropping moments and drama that entertained fans for the night. Just like the previous edition, this time too, there was a mix of rookies and well-known icons pitted against each other to see who emerged as the best. Every strike held immense power and viewers were left wanting for more.

The event took place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, brimming with spectators excited to watch their favorite athletes battle it out in the ring. As with every edition of the Power Slap events, the seventh edition was also full of twists and turns that landed some unexpected winners for the season.

While there were no female athletes this season, the participants were promising enough for fans to get riled up by their onstage rivalry. In total, the event had two main categories and a total of eight matches under various weight sections.

  • Prelims
  • Main Card

Each category had four matches of different weight classes.


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Preliminary events

Christapher Thomas vs. Anthony Blackburn

After facing disappointment in his last main event match against Emanuel Muniz, Thomas got a second chance at the Power Slap 7 Prelims. He went up against Anthony Blackburn, who ranks sixth in the welterweight division. Unfortunately, Thomas got beat down again in a rather quick finish, with Blackburn knocking him out in the second round and winning the match.

Alan Klingbeil vs. Coltin Cole

The Light Heavyweight contenders witnessed a foul-filled match with Cole committing multiple errors throughout the game. Despite winning the rights to the first strike, he gave away the win to Klingbeil, who emerged victorious on account of his opponent’s disqualification.

Isaih Quinones vs. Ryan Wallace

Marking his debut win, Quinones shone brightly at the Power Slap 7 event despite his weak start. He and Wallace had earned fouls before Quinones finally landed a winning strike in the third round of the middleweight match. This changed the trajectory for Quinones.

Russel Rivero vs. Cody Belisle

Setting a perfect example of how Power Slap matches could have unpredictable outcomes, Rivero beat Belisle despite running on some physical disadvantages. The latter’s downfall was marked by a foul on flinching at his opponent’s strike, thus giving Rivero a winning advantage.

Main Card Events

Azael Rodriguez vs. Ayjay Hintz

In another example of how unpredictable Power Slap could get, Ayjay Hintz immediately won the match against his opponent. While Rodriguez won the toss and instantly struck Hintz to the ground, he was called out for a foul that immediately disqualified him.

Dayne Viernes vs. Eviahn Scott

Another win based on disqualification, Scott lucked out despite him and Viernes collecting fouls throughout the match. The super heavyweight match turned exciting during the second round when Viernes earned another stepping foul, thus disqualifying him and crowning Scott as the winner.

Ron Wolverine Bata vs. Austin Turpin

In one of the most looked-forward-to matches, Turpin emerged as the winner despite two fouls. He and Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata had a dramatic battle with a swollen face, bruised eye, and ripped facial hair due to the force involved. In the end, the cards turned in favor of the former, as he got his redemption against his opponent from Power Slap 5.

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Damien Bell vs. Ryan Phillips

This was the final heavyweight title match of the season and was equally full of surprises and jaw-dropping moments. Bell has been an undisputed champion for the right reasons. His power stance for his strikes prevented any chances of a foul throughout the match. Phillips meanwhile failed to impress with his initial weak strikes and a clubbing foul that led to his downfall. Eventually, Bell won the belt with the third knockout win of his career.

Power Slap 8 Announcement

Amidst all these exciting matches, the organizers announced the dates for the next edition of the Power Slap championship.

Power Slap 8 is all set to take place on 28th June in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. With an exciting lineup that will be revealed soon, fans will expect much more from the next edition.

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