Steiner feels points should be awarded to only first 15 drivers

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 15/07/2018

F1 is contemplating a new points system, one in which all 20 drivers could be awarded points, provided they finish the race.

According to the proposals, all 20 or at least 15 drivers could be awarded points under the new system, provided the suggestion goes through.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner however believes that scoring points should be an ‘achievement’, and not something that is given to everyone on the grid.

“I think down to 15 is OK,” he said as quoted by RaceFans

“In my opinion nothing changes, you need to adapt to it.

“We all remember when it was up to six [finishers] then we went to eight then we went to 10. It’s just number but you need to make sure that how the points are given, it’s fair. The position you fight for, needs to be rewarded for it.” he added.

He also feels that the gap then has to increase, meaning the winner would get more points than the current figure of 25.

“There needs to be gaps,” he said.

“If you finish 10th or 15th there needs to be a good gap. You have to start with a complete new set of numbers for the winner: 50 or 100, I don’t know, that’s not my job to do this calculation.” he added.

Steiner wants the rules to be simple and not like NASCAR, so that the sport remains accessible and meaningful to all fans.

“If you make it too complicated like NASCAR with the stage racing, it’s quite confusing to be honest. If you are not an avid fan of it, it’s difficult to follow.”  he said



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