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Adept wanted xQc to break up with Fran and she claimed to drop legal charges in return but Redditors are well over with this drama

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Fran reveals that Adept wanted xQc to break up with her

Sam “Adept”, Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Francine “Fran” Vo are pretty well-known streamers and quite famous in the gaming industry. Other than just gaming and streaming, Adept and Fran have been in a relationship with xQc. Fran, in one of her latest live streams, claimed Adept had agreed to drop all court cases if xQc would break up with her. 

xQc and Adept were previously in a relationship, but they eventually broke up. However, Adept later revealed that they were married to each other. There is an ongoing court case at the moment regarding their relationship. On the other hand, Fran and xQc were in a relationship for only two months before breaking up. Shockingly, Fran even revealed that xQc cheated on her, which was the primary reason behind their split. 

There have been various other revelations in their relationship drama. Let’s dive in to see how the community reacted to Fran’s latest reveal

Adept wanted xQc and Fran to break up and the community share their thoughts

Fran stated on stream that xQc went over to Adept’s house, and Adept had told xQc to break up with Fran. According to Fran, Adept also told xQc that she will drop all court cases if he breaks up with Fran. Later Fran added that she had called Adept to ask her what she wanted, but the latter simply asked Fran to just f**k off. 

Most people on Reddit were no longer interested in the drama Adept, Fran, and xQc were creating. A Reddit user stated that xQc definitely needs a black flash that will erase his memories. Reddit user MidnifgtShampoo was quick to respond that he needs the black flash more than xQc to forget all these people. 

Many people stated that they saw these streamers as nothing more than clowns in a circus. They also regarded the drama as a clown show. Another user stated that considering streamers as more than clowns would just be bad for mental health. 

Reddit user Xiomaraff mentioned that he/she was very happy that there was no one to root for in this drama. But a few definitely asked why was Fran in the wrong. Another user immediately stated that Fran was an NFT scammer, so he/she would not root for her even if she was not in the wrong. 

A few are still convinced that all of this is not true. Reddit user tommyTONG stated that he was disappointed in himself to even believe that this shit was real. Another user stated that it is only a matter of time before they officially get back together.

The xQc, Adept, and Fran drama has been dragging on for a long time. Click here to read about how Adept revealed that xQc impregnated two women in just two weeks.

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