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“I don’t really want to talk about it” – Jake Paul puts out a word that he is trying to help and cheer up Fousey

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Jake Paul states that he wants to help and cheer up Fousey

Jake Paul started his online journey in the shadow of his brother, Logan Paul, but soon found his own identity. Today he has more than 20 million fans subscribed to his channel. Incidentally, Jake even followed his brother’s footsteps and entered the world of boxing in the middle of 2018. He has now competed with eight opponents, besting seven of them. Moreover, on a recent podcast, Jake mentioned that he has been trying to help and cheer up Yousef “Fousey” Saleh Erakat. 

Fousey is considered to be one of the top-rated YouTubers and live streamers in the world. He started his YouTube career making comedy and interview content but lately got more popular for his controversial statements and behavior. He has even been using abusive language and hitting his colleagues on his streams. 

Jake Paul has helped Fousey in the past by saving his life. So let’s dive in to see what Jake has to say about Fousey this time around. 

Jake Paul is down to help out and cheer up Fousey

People started noticing Fousey’s mental issues quite a few months back. He live-streamed himself taking advantage of a drunk woman and displaying psychotic behavior while driving. He also started acting differently around his colleagues and employees even going so far as to abuse and hit them on stream

While Netizens and several content creators were convinced that Fousey was in need of help with his mental health, the streamer made a massive mistake when he self-swatted himself and faked imminent danger. The police arrested him from the Continental Hotel in Miami for false alarm and were convinced that he needed mental treatment. Hence, Fousey was immediately transferred to a mental hospital from where he could not leave without Police consent. 

Fousey updated his fans explaining that he was not feeling himself and added that doctors were injecting him with medicines using big a** syringes whenever he would speak against them. Jake Paul was asked in a recent interview podcast about his thoughts about Fousey’s situation. He said that he knew Fousey was in another facility at that moment and that he had failed multiple times to contact him. 

Jake Paul explained that he wants everyone to uplift Fousey. Jake added, “I think he ran before he walked”. He explained that Fousey had a huge transition from living in rehab to becoming the top streamer very quickly. Jake said that he would make sure to speak to Fosuey when possible to give him some essential guidance. According to Jake, Fousey needs to surround himself with a bunch of friends, take some time off, and reset himself. 

Netizens were very happy about Jake trying to help out Fousey. They stated that he had good guy tendencies and he was a winner when compared to his brother. 

Fousey has an extra hand of help from a popular streamer

Jake Paul is not the only person trying to help Fousey. Anthime “Baked Alaska” Joseph Gionet also known as Tim visited the mental hospital a few days ago asking the medical receptionist for information about Fousey. He stated that everyone loved him and wanted him free from the mental facility as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the receptionist denied leaking information but added that no one named Fousey was admitted to that metal facility. 

The online community clearly stated that a weirdo was searching and trying to free another weirdo. They also wanted Baked Alaska to be arrested and transferred to a mental hospital. 

Fousey and Baked Alaska are not the only streamers netizens think need mental examinations. Click here to know why netizens think xQc was completely hallucinating on stream.

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Nilotpal Chakraborty


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