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“Are you all dumb or stupid” – Fousey was arrested for self-swatting while Kick streaming and was taken to a mental health check-up

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Fousey arrested on stream and taken for a mental health check up

Yousef “Fousey” Saleh Erakat became popular by live streaming and creating YouTube comedy videos and interviews. However, there was a visible degradation in his behavioral pattern in the past few months.

It was in his most recent livestream that the police finally arrested Fousey in order to provide him with a proper mental health examination. Fousey had more aggressive behavior toward people he used to work with. On multiple occasions, he has been caught arguing and trying to hit people on stream.

Fousey had also slapped N3on and Jack Doherty in one of his recent streams. Let’s dive in to see why Fousey was arrested by the police and taken for a mental health checkup. Let us also see what the community had to say about the incident. 

Fousey arrested for a proper mental health examination

Fousey calls the police department on stream and explains that his life is in danger and that a guy is threatening his life. He gets aggressive when asked for an address and shouts “I am in the inter f**king continental”. Fousey then says that “He wants to kill me”. Moments later he starts acting as if a person had a gun to his head and states “Help, Help mam Intercontinental room number 2027”. The police pull up after some time and Fousey explains that the guy needs to be arrested immediately.

Fousey proceeds to ask the police why they were just standing there staring at him. He proceeds to add “This is Miami Police, Why does nobody work hard in this world”. The police officer asks him to chill out and give him the details. Fousey explains that he does not know the person so the police ask “How do you want us to look for him”. Fousey shouts at the officer stating that he has the address.

The police immediately proceeded to arrest him. Fousey says that they were dumb as f**k. He asks his security to come inside immediately and he answers that he was ordered to stay outside. Fousey states that they all were f**ked and he would sue them all. He adds that his life was in danger and they arrested the Palestinian Muslim who is viral. Fousey asks if they were just dumb or stupid. 

It was later revealed that he was not arrested but instead taken for a mental health evaluation. Here is what people had to say. 

Fousey has been dealing with mental health issues for quite some time. Click here to know why he slapped N3on and Jack Doherty on stream.

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Nilotpal Chakraborty


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