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xQc Hogs the Limelight After a Troll Tweet Accused Him of Kissing His Sister

Ripan Majumdar


Felix “xQc” Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers, known for his gaming and just-chatting live streams. However, despite his entertaining content, controversies keep surrounding xQc at every turn. Recently, the Canadian streamer has been accused of kissing his sister on a livestream.

The X (formerly Twitter) user Misha, who claims to be an investigative journalist, recently shared a clip from xQc’s livestream where he could be seen kissing a girl. Misha claimed that the girl in question was xQc’s sister and claimed they even had similar physical features, which proved their connection. Moreover, the X user further tagged Twitch and asked them to ban the streamer from their platform for such behavior.

However, this isn’t the truth as the woman in xQc’s stream is the British streamer Courtney “NYYXXII” Shepherd. They are not siblings, but rather a former couple. XQC dated the English streamer after breaking up with his long-time partner Sam “Adeptthebest”. The video in question is from xQc’s Twitch livestream in 2022. As for Misha’s complaint to ban the Canadian streamer on Twitch, it won’t affect him cause he now streams on Kick.

The X user possibly tweeted the clip along with claiming them to be siblings as a troll. If Misha thought they were related, then that would be due to both of them having the same hair color. However, some fans claimed NYYXXII dyed her hair the same color as xQc after they made their relationship official.

Are xQc and NYYXXII still dating?

In late 2022, NYYXXII was featured in several of xQc’s streams. This made fans speculate about their relationship. Eventually, the Canadian streamer kissed Courtney on a livestream and confirmed that they were indeed together. Naturally, fans were quite supportive of this couple, but their relationship was full of controversy.

NYYXXII got into a controversy for kissing Adin Ross’s then-girlfriend Sky Bri when she visited the former Twitch streamer’s house with xQc. The couple didn’t even last a month, as xQc confirmed in a later stream that they are not together any longer.

Even after the breakup, there was a lot of drama surrounding xQc and NYYXXII. One of the reasons for the sudden break up was NYYXXII receiving a call from xQc’s former partner. The 28-year-old claimed that wasn’t the only reason, as he was cautioned by others about the Englishwoman. However, xQc broke up and blocked her on social media before things could get serious.

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