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“You guys just f**ked up in front of 75,000 people” – Body cam footage of Fousey getting arrested gets viral on the internet

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Body cam footage of Fousey getting arrested goes viral on the internet

Yousef “Fousey” Saleh Erakat is one of the most viral and controversial live streamers in the world. He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and uses both Twitch and Kick platforms for live streaming. Incidentally, Fousey was arrested in Miami in August 2023 and the body cam footage of the arrest has now gone viral on the internet. 

Fousey started his career by uploading vlogs, interviews, and pranks on YouTube. Later, he shifted to live streaming and became one of the most controversial streamers ever because of his eccentric behavior towards others. In fact, he was seen taking advantage of a drunk woman and people were worried for his mental health after Fousey started verbally and physically abusing his colleagues and friends

Naturally, Fousey’s August arrest was a huge shock for tons of people. Let’s dive in to find out what the body cam footage shows, shall we?

Body cam footage of Fousey’s arrest goes viral

People, colleagues, and friends had long suspected a problem with Fousey’s mental health. He portrayed surprising behavioral patterns both while live streaming as well as when not on camera. According to sources, fans have witnessed his weird verbal and physical abuse towards other people for a long time. Moreover, Fousey even slapped Jack Doherty and Rangesh “N3on” Mutama while live streaming. 

In August of 2023, Fousey decided to self-swat himself to the police from the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami. He explained to the police that his life was in danger and shouted some person was pointing a gun at his head. However, when the police arrived sometime later, they arrested him for faking a 911 call. 

Although Fousey was put in handcuffs during the arrest, he was happy about the situation. According to the body cam footage, Fousey claimed the police f**ked up in front of 75k people on stream. He also stated that he was not going to talk to the police and he immediately needed a lawyer. The streamer also insisted that law enforcement officials were in the wrong since he was a famous person. 

The police informed Fousey that they would take him to a mental facility because he did not seem okay. Fousey kept ranting about his fame and money, and that the police officer was going to get fired for what he had done. He even appeared disrespectful during the arrest and at one point said, “I got a big p*nis, it could hurt you a lot, 9 inches, I will f**k you so good till you love me.”

Netizens were happy that Fousey was getting the help he really needed. They also added that he is not the right person to have a channel on the internet. 

Fousey updates his status at the mental hospital

Fousey was admitted to a mental hospital in Miami. He was not allowed to leave the hospital until permitted by the police. Fousey updated his fans on the situation and stated that he was not feeling himself during his stay at the hospital. He explained that the doctors would inject medicines using “huge a** needles” if he said anything wrong. He also assured his fans that he will be back very soon. 

However, Fousey did have a lot of streamers and content creators backing him up. Anthime “Baked Alaska” Joseph Gionet, a streamer and supporter of Free Fousey visited the mental facility Fousey was admitted to and attempted to gain information about when he was getting his release. But the online community insisted that Fousey should stay in a mental hospital until the treatment was complete. According to them, he was a danger to the civilians. 

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