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8-Year-Old Coco Gauff Dancing in Stands Right Behind Venus Williams in US Open 2012 Clip Goes Viral

Tanmay Roy

8-Year-Old Coco Gauff Dancing in Stands Behind Venus Williams in US Open 2012 Photo Goes Viral

A GIF on X went viral recently, which shows a very young Coco Gauff dancing in the stands. As an 8-year-old, Gauff was present to watch a US Open 2012 match between Venus Williams and Bethanie Mattek-Sands. A rare glimpse of her in the background, while Venus Williams speaks on the mic, is captured pricelessly in the clip.

In another clip, Coco Gauff was dancing to the famous Carly Rae Jepsen song ‘Call Me Maybe’ from the stands again. She was celebrating Arthur Ashe Kids Day in 2012.

Gauff was crazy about tennis from a very young age. She grew up playing tennis in the Pompey Parks of Delray Beach, Florida. These are the very same parks that have been refurbished recently as part of the USTA’s (United States Tennis Association) US Open Legacy Initiative. It was launched in honor of Gauff’s 2023 US Open win and is dedicated to finding the rare and best tennis talent from different corners of the country. Gauff helped kickstart the initiative from Delray Beach, where she grew up.

Even as she was growing up, Gauff’s father took her to tennis matches around the country to try and instil the value of the sport in her. They would mostly go to watch the US Open at Flushing Meadows.

Little did the world know then, that a future US Open winner would be inspired watching Venus Williams win from the stands while dancing her heart out. Here are what fans had to say about Gauff –

The other video too puts so many things in perspective. As Gauff was dancing in the stands on Arthur Ashe Kids Day in 2012, Novak Djokovic was on the court too. They would both be in the same tournament again 11 years later when Gauff won her first Grand Slam. Coco Gauff won the 2023 US Open and so did Novak Djokovic.

Coco Gauff on idolizing the Williams sisters and taking inspiration from Novak Djokovic

It is no secret that Serena Williams and Venus Williams are an inspiration for many Americans. Modern-day sensation Coco Gauff is no different. Even Gauff’s first job was playing a Serena Williams stunt double for a Delta Commercial. She even moved to Paris once, just to train under Patrick Mouratoglou. This was only because he was the coach of Serena Williams, and Gauff idolized Williams.

Gauff didn’t even think twice before getting on that plane to Paris and leaving Florida. Such was and still is her devotion to Serena Williams.

Gauff also got a piece of priceless advice from Venus Williams during the 2021 French Open. Gauff and Venus Williams were a team in the tournament’s doubles matches, and when Gauff broke her racquet in a fit of anger. Venus Williams supported her and told her to let all the emotions out and not to keep them in.

As far as Novak Djokovic is concerned, Gauff took inspiration from him in learning how to return a serve. She had no qualms in labeling him as the ‘best returner in the world’ once, in an interview with Tennis365.

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