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Amidst ‘In the Arena’ Hype, Serena Williams Drops a Bombshell Comeback Hint

Tanmay Roy

Amidst 'In the Arena' Hype, Serena Williams Drops a Bombshell Comeback Hint

Tennis fans might have some incredible news to look forward to as it seems like Serena Williams is ready to make a major comeback. While the Tennis star is busy promoting her upcoming docu-series ‘In The Arena: Serena Williams’ on social media, one of her posts on X made headlines as it got the entire tennis world speculating a possible return.

It was in September 2022 when the legendary Serena Williams bid adieu to tennis, saddening millions of her fans. Now, nearly two years later, Williams has given her fans something to be excited about.

She wrote on X, “I’m ready to hit some balls again.”

This tweet sent the tennis world into a frenzy. Everyone started discussing Williams’ potential return to professional tennis after a hiatus of almost 2 years. From the Tennis Channel to WTA to Bla B, they all started praying for this to happen. However, Williams made no more mention of it besides the tweet.

In September 2022 when she retired, Serena Williams was 40 years old. She played for a whopping 27 years in this professional sport and dedicated many more years to it from her childhood. The 2022 US Open was the last tournament she ever played at, which is apt considering she won her first Grand Slam at the 1999 US Open.

It is unlikely that Williams will make a professional return to tennis at her age (42) now. She is more than happy and content with her family – her husband Alexis Ohanian, and two kids Alexis Olympia Ohanian and Adira River Ohanian.

On top of it, Williams is also responsible for managing several of her businesses, which takes up a lot of her time.

Therefore, her comeback might just be referring to her mini-series ‘In The Arena: Serena Williams,’ which is set to release on July 10, 2024.

‘In The Arena: Serena Williams’ Might Be the Inspirational Sports Series For This Summer

‘In The Arena: Serena Williams’ is a mini-series that’s divided into 8 episodes. It will be presented by Morgan Stanley and will air on ESPN+, a video streaming service under the Walt Disney Company. Before anywhere else, Serena Williams took to her Instagram to break the news.

She wrote, “I can’t wait for you to see what I have been working on! The eight-part series “In The Arena: Serena Williams” premieres July 10 on ESPN+.”

In the teaser, Williams also explained what made her stand out from everyone else. The star also talked about how she managed expectations, debunked old myths, and broke the glass ceiling for women’s tennis.

She said, “I didn’t need to blend in. I needed to be different, ’cause I was different. I was something that noone had ever seen before. Ever.”

Therefore, her comeback might be at a different capacity than what she has dedicated her life to. The comments section, however, was filled with celebrities being impatient for the episodes to arrive.

Alexis Ohanian wrote, “Ready”

Jessica Sims wrote, “Yesssssss cannot wait!!”

Ufuoma McDermott wrote, “The Queen”

While she may not return to professional tennis anymore, Serena Williams’ incredible prowess as an athlete keeps inspiring fans, and now people will get a closer look at their favorite tennis star through ‘In The Arena: Serena Williams.’

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Tanmay Roy


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