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Rohan Bopanna’s Diet and Fitness Plan That Makes Him Remain The Best Men’s Tennis Player at 44

Aravind Sekhar

Bopanna/Ebden vs Zhang/Machac prediction

Rohan Bopanna has been one of the top players in the doubles category on the ATP tour. Since the start of the 2024 season, his consistency has only gotten better. Bopanna had become the oldest world No. 1 in doubles during the Australian Open this year. He turned 44 last month and still has a strong grip over the rankings on the tour. Bopanna has been keeping fit due to the lifestyle he has maintained over the years.

The world No. 1 doubles player has given utmost importance to listening to his body. He feels that at this age, working out in the gym and physiotherapy are needed for any athlete. Rohan Bopanna has been working with Belgian physiotherapist, Rebecca Van Orshaegen since 2022. She has played a vital role in helping the veteran’s longevity in the game.

Rohan Bopanna has taken new steps to stay physically healthy on the tour since he has no cartilage left in his knees. It has forced him to spend less time in the gym. He has now been focusing more on recovery as his body takes much longer than his younger rivals to get ready for the next match.

The 44-year-old started practicing yoga in 2020 and has gradually implemented it into his routine now. It has helped him stay calm and fit, even at this age. In an interview with CNN News18, the Indian player talked about having bananas and coconut water during the matches. He avoids taking energy drinks or protein bars.

Rohan Bopanna also revealed that he takes ice baths frequently while being on tour as it helps him in recovery.

Bopanna follows portion control in his diet plan and tries to keep it as simple as possible. He has strongly backed the use of plant-based proteins as part of his diet. Not surprisingly, he has been the ambassador for the Indian plant-based meat company, GoodDot since 2022. Rohan Bopanna consumes his favourite vegetarian dishes only when is back home from the ATP Tour.

Players are increasingly adopting Indian-style vegetarian or the globally popular vegan diet

There has been a rise in vegetarianism and veganism on the ATP and WTA Tours. Many players have taken up diets without animal products in it and encouraged others to do the same. Players have shifted to vegan mainly due to health concerns or their love for animals.

Venus Williams has often talked about her life-changing experience after consuming animal-free products. In 2011, she was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease with no cure. After starting a vegan diet, Venus came back to the WTA Tour and has been an avid supporter of it ever since.

Martina Navratilova has been a major advocate for vegan products for many years now. She credits her food habits being the main factor in helping her sustain her career in the game.

Hubert Hurkacz started consuming a plant-based diet in 2018. He was convinced after noticing a change in his energy levels and watched documentaries on the positive effects of the diet.

One of the players who started the vegan diet due to emotional sentiments is Nick Kyrgios. After watching the Australian fires in 2020, he was moved to see animals suffering. Kyrgios has avoided any kind of dairy products ever since. Another Australian, Bernard Tomic has also found positive results within himself after turning to plant-based foods completely.

In the men’s game, the man who has made the plant-based diet a rage is Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is the most successful of all-time with this diet and does not consume any gluten or dairy products as well as avoids processed foods.

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