Top 5 premier league strikers of all time

Aniket Kibey
|Published October 13, 2016

Barclays premier league is called the best and the most entertaining league in the world for no reason. The games are competitive, the teams are strong and on a given even the team which is at the bottom of the table can surprise the league leaders.

With the new TV rights coming in, even the mid-table teams have got some good cash on their hands, and are buying players that would not have been believable even a few years ago. This has added to the entertainment and competitive stuff of the league definitely.

Today, we look at the top 5 striker which have graved the league, the Barclays premier league.

5) Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez – Straight from the KOP


Oh, what Liverpool fans would not give to have him back.

Luis Suarez, when he arrived to the Merseyside, was not a name known across the world football. He arrived from Ajax, and as soon as he had arrived, another prolific striker, Torres went out of the club.

In the initial seasons of Suarez, fans did get to see his talent, but only a few times. He was wasteful with his chances, and was always surrounded by controversies. Be it Evra, Ivanovic or Moyes, his attention was not towards football, but rather why everone was after him.

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Then came the 2013/14 season where he mesmerized everyone around the globe with his footballing talent. It would not be unfair to say that he almost single handedly won Liverpool their first ever Premier league title, only if they had not “slipped” against Chealsea and Crystal Palace. He not only scored hat-tricks, he did everything that season, what a striker can do and hence gets his mention in our top 5 list.

No of Goals & Assists in Premier League : 69& 23

4) Sergio Aguero

Next on our list is the prolific striker from the blue side of the Manchester, Sergio Aguero. After proving his mettle with Atletico Madrid for 5 season, he arrived to Manchester with high expectations from the fans,

His arrival to the city brought joys to City fans as well. Who can forget the final game of the 2011-12 season. The way he kept his cool in the last minute of the game, and the way he finished his goal, and the sound of Martin Tyler shouting “Agguerrroooo”, no football fan let alone city fans can forget it.

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He has been steadily scoring goals for city since last 5 season, helping them win 2 titles in the 5 years he has been in the league. His goal scoring record along with his skills of assist pull him into the all time top 5 strikers of BPL.

No of Goals & Assists in Premier League : 107 & 26

3)Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba – The leader at the Bridge

Mourinho arrived, Drogba arrived, and so did the good days at Chelseas.

Mourinho brought in Drogba from Marseille and he arrived in some style. Then began the era of Chelsea football club, the one which they hadn’t had before. There were some great players in Lampard & Terry, but the one leading them at the business end of the field was Didier Drogba.

He was an influential player who could score goal at his will. He won Chelsea the league the season he arrived by scoring 10 crucial goals. His most prolific season came in 2006-07 where he scored 20 goals and was a prominent reason why Chelsea won the league.

Known for his antics on the field, but rival fan would deny that they weren’t afraid of the striking prowress Ivorian possessed and hence he makes it to out top 5 list.

No of Goals & Assists in Premier League : 104 & 53

2) Thierry Henry

Arsenal's very own Thierry Henry
Arsenal’s very own Thierry Henry

This stylish striker from France became a household name as soon as he arrived in London. Known for his slick footwork, his strong finish and his eye for goal, this Frenchman was the go to man for Arsenal in his 7 seasons at the club.

With the strong Arsenal squad, he was the man at the top end of the pitch to finish off the moves created by a strong Arsenal midfield of those days. He was the key member of the “Invincibles”. Scoring numerous hat-tricks, freekicks and goals which our eye couldn’t believe, he mesmerized the league in his 7 years presence.

And who could forget the goal he scored against Manchester, where he received the ball just outside the box with his back towards goals, turned blindly and hit the top corner of Edwin Van Der Sar’s goal.

No of Goals  in Premier League : 175

1)Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer- Best of the Lot

Do we require any reason to tell him he is the best striker to play in the premier league.

Career of Shearer spans over 20 years. He played for 20 years in the premier league, 6 years with Southampton, four with Blackburn and then 10 with NewCastle United and he scored amazing goals in every team he played, every season he played and every ground he played at.

The only thing that is missing from his glorious premier league career in the premier league trophy only. Even though he was the prolific striker in every team he played, he couldn’t get his team over the line in the 20 years he played. Call it fate or destiny, it seems everyone doesn’t get all they want.

No of goals & Assists in Premier League :- 264 & 24

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