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“Somebody Check on…”: Usain Bolt Revealed a Cheeky Message for Good Friend and Cricket Icon Chris Gayle

Radha Iyer

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The camaraderie between the two Jamaicans continues as Usain Bolt and Chris Gayle participate in yet another online banter. The duo have been good friends for years and share their love for cricket. With Gayle being a legendary batsman on the field, it’s no secret that he tried roping Bolt in once to go up against him.

Recently, the ICC announced Bolt as the ambassador for the upcoming Men’s T20 World Cup. Hearing this, Gayle was elated and sat down for an interview with the organization, recalling the good old days with his athlete friend.

Recently, the duo had a callback moment to that interview, where Gayle recalled how Bolt smoked him in a cricket match years ago. Back then, he also challenged the sprinter to a track race, confident that he wouldn’t lose even if the Olympian were to invite two more sprinters to the mix.

“Get your spikes ready…if you want to bring any other athletes… somebody got to come forth. And it’s not me.”

However, in that same interview, Bolt laughed away at the challenge and revealed that Gayle couldn’t sprint as well as he thought. Speaking about how the cricketer couldn’t pull off singles as well, Bolt was sure he wouldn’t be able to pull off a win in the race.


Recently, Gayle posted a picture of him sporting a t-shirt that quoted his words from the same interview. Declaring out loud and proud that he wouldn’t stand in the fourth position, Bolt made fun of him.

“Somebody check on @henrygayle…”

Regardless of their online banter, both remain good friends on and off-field. In fact, Bolt’s love of cricket came courtesy of his bond with his country, and he recently elaborated on it during a recent interview.

Usain Bolt will root for the West Indies this season

Growing up, the track and field icon knew how life would’ve taken a sharp turn if he had given in to his love of cricket. Growing up in Jamaica, he began as a hardcore cricket enthusiast, dreaming of eventually becoming a bowler.

Eventually, his teacher encouraged him to switch to running after discovering his prowess on the track. Yet, he recalled how his dad taught him to support the land’s cricket team and stay loyal to it no matter what. In a recent interview, he declared his support for them recalling his interaction with his father, and seemed pretty chuffed with his decision.

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