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After Daniel Cormier, Shavkat Rakhmonov Slams Joaquin Buckley’s ‘Delusional’ Conor McGregor Call Out

Kishore R

After Daniel Cormier, Shavkat Rakhmonov Slams Joaquin Buckley’s ‘Delusional’ Conor McGregor Call Out

No, no, no. Joaquin Buckley isn’t done talking! After receiving hard words from former two-division UFC champ, Daniel Cormier, ‘New Mansa’ received another burn after undefeated and surging WW prospect, Shavkat Rakhmonov busted his “delusional” claim.

Days after DC delivered his verdict on Buckley’s cringe Conor McGregor callout, Rakhmonov doubled down on the American after he threw shade at the Kazakh fighter. In his tweet, Rakhmonov noted,

“I thought your Conor callout was delusional, but you’ve actually outdone yourself this time.” 

Ecstatic about his win, Buckley had called out Conor McGregor after he downed Nursulton Ruziboev at UFC’s Fight Night in St Louis. Everyone in the crowd and the commentators were bewildered by the 30-year-old callout so much so that even his home crowd rained in boobirds. Subsequently, DC shared his thoughts, putting it out there bluntly.

This however enraged, Buckley who returned fire with mean remarks only to be bashed by veteran Cormier on social media. Now, after Aussie sensation Jack Della Maddalena pulled out of his scheduled bout against Rakhmonov at UFC 305, Buckley saw an opportunity to jump right in.

Unfortunately for Buckley that backfired and got him in a deeper rut once the Kazakh fighter took notice and gave a befitting reply, turning him down with a heavy hand.

Amidst all this, Buckley is really pushing things to a different level, poking anyone and everyone. He somehow managed to up the ante, going after Cub Swanson who dismissed his GSP remark.

Joaquin Buckley goes after UFC veteran, Cub Swanson

For the past few days, ‘New Mansa’ has been getting a lot of heat from the MMA community including fighters and pundits after he talked about defeating a prime George St-Pierre. The featherweight pranced into action after hearing Buckley’s claim and dismissed it saying far better fighters had tried and none ever succeeded.

Buckley however begged to differ. He trashed the veteran brutally, dropping a new video where he implied that Swanson hadn’t done anything with his career. He then reverted to his original point claiming once again that he would finish GSP if they were to dance the lumba in the latter’s prime.

Now with Buckley going after Shavkat Rakhmonov, we might have ourselves a new rivalry and a make-or-make fight for both the fighters.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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