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Belal Muhammad Calls UFC Champ Leon Edwards ‘Dumb’, Says He Makes Him Hate People With British Accent

Kevin Binoy

Belal Muhammad Accuses UFC Champ Leon Edwards of Fueling Hatred Towards British Accent

After waiting patiently on the sidelines for a year, Belal Muhammad will finally get his shot at the 170-pound title when UFC returns to England. As Belal waits to take on Edwards, the American-Palestinian fighter has revealed that the welterweight champion is making him hate people with a London accent.

‘Remember the name’ has been campaigning relentlessly for a title shot ever since his win over Gilbert Burns. Now that he has what he wants, Muhammad plans to take full advantage of the same and realize his life-long dream.

However, since Edwards’ team was allegedly gunning for Burns, Belal has been calling them out for their ‘stupidity’.

In a recent interview with ‘MMA Junkie’ he described his hatred towards Leon Edwards and his team and said,

“I literally hates his guts. He is making me hate people with a London accent. Like people with that British accent pis**s me off. Anytime I hear him, I see him, it just makes me angry.”

Muhammad went on to add that Edwards and his team were full of dumb people. According to him, it was people like Edwards who gave fighters a bad reputation for being dumb. The 35-year-old stated that despite his win over Burns, Edwards’ team was calling for a title fight against Burns.

Belal also stated that ‘Rocky’ and his team repeatedly discredited everything he has done so far as a mixed martial artist, adding further fuel to the fire.

All that said, in a few weeks from now, he will have the chance to get his revenge for all the slights he has suffered, imagined and otherwise.

Belal Muhammad promises to dethrone ‘coward’ Leon Edwards

In the same interview, Muhammad also blasted Edwards for taking ages to book fights. He stated that Edwards took forever to finalize his fight with Colby Covington, a recurring habit Muhammad also found himself on the wrong end of.

The 35-year-old pointed to champions such as Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman, and Alexander Volkanovski as ideal champions as they fought often and remained active, ensuring the division didn’t get held up.

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The welterweight contender also blasted ‘Rocky’ for being relatively inactive and boasting about being a champion for 300 days. Needless to say, both men have a lot to prove ahead of their title fight at UFC 304. It will be interesting to see who gets the last laugh in this beef.

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