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Daniel Cormier Accuses Jon Jones of Manipulating Facts to Dismiss His UFC Title Reign

Allan Binoy

Daniel Cormier Accuses Jon Jones of Manipulating Facts to Dismiss His UFC Title Reign

It appears that Daniel Cormier has had enough of Jon Jones and his careless words. He clapped back at Jones after the current UFC Heavyweight champion dismissed DC’s title run in the UFC, leading to a social media spat.

The issue started when Cormier criticized Jones for not picking interim heavyweight champion, Tom Aspinall, as his next opponent. While Jones immediately called the UFC commentator out and tried to dismiss his title race, DC was not one to take things lightly.

In a recent YouTube video, Daniel Cormier defended himself against Jones’ claims and revealed what had actually happened, saying,

“It’s not the same, he was incapable of competing when I was the champion. He was not allowed to compete when I was the champion. Not due to injury, due to illegal substances found inside his body.”

Daniel Cormier insisted that during his reign as the heavyweight champion, Jones was caught for doping and the UFC authorities did not allow him to compete. Hence, ‘Bones’ has no right to dismiss DC’s title reign since his own actions had put him out of action

Unfortunately, ‘Bones’ has had doping troubles throughout his career, and it is one of the biggest blemishes in what is otherwise a perfect record. So every time Cormier brings up his doping troubles, he automatically presses a very sensitive nerve for Jones.

Interestingly, in the same video, ‘DC’ even went on to defend himself against Derrick Lewis even though he had recently praised the Heavyweight fighter.

Daniel Cormier defends himself against Derrick Lewis’ accusations

Despite being retired from the sport, Daniel Cormier is catching strays to this very day. In a surprising development, UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis came forward and claimed that he would love to ‘power slap’ the former champion if given the opportunity.

Well, ‘DC’ has now responded to Lewis’ comment through his recent YouTube video, saying,

“I got to be honest with you, I don’t know that I’ve ever really disrespected Derrick Lewis. What I’v done is spoken truthfully about him when the truth needs to be spoken and I don’t think fighters like that.” 

Daniel Cormier also spoke about how fighters don’t take criticism well. As a UFC commentator and analyst, it is now his job to pose these difficult questions to the fighters.

Unfortunately, despite Cormier’s good intentions, fighters often take offense to his comments and come after him. However, the former champion insisted that all he tries to do is to show them where they are career-wise.

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