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Daniel Cormier Aligns With Michael Chandler, Proposes UFC a Brand New ‘Super Lightweight Title’ for the Conor McGregor Fight

Allan Binoy

Daniel Cormier Aligns With Michael Chandler, Proposes UFC a Brand New ‘Super Lightweight Title’ for the Conor McGregor Fight

Michael Chandler’s proposal for a new weight class makes sense per Daniel Cormier. Chandler is set to fight Conor McGregor on June 29 during the International Fight Week. In a recent interview, Chandler spoke about how it would not surprise him if a title was on the line. While the claims might sound over-ambitious initially, there are a couple of reasons for speculating the same. One is that Dana White always caps off the IFW with a title fight. The second reason is that there may be a need for a new division in the UFC, similar to that in boxing.

Daniel Cormier, a former UFC Double Champion knows the troubles of switching between weight classes. He thinks Michael Chandler may be onto something.

In a recent episode of the Good Guy/Bad Guy show with ‘DC’ and Chael Sonnen, Cormier gave his thoughts on a 165-pound super lightweight division. He said,

“If they’re going to do a 165-pound division, it should have a name attached to the weight class that is so big that it draws people’s attention….The Super Lightweight Championship of the world, because that’s what I believe it is.”

Daniel Cormier is in favor of this new division and believes McGregor is the perfect candidate for it. On the contrary, DC also pointed out that Chandler will benefit from being in the right place at the right time.

Ahead of their fight, Michael Chandler believes Conor McGregor’s time outside of the cage will affect his speed and movement. And he will surely look to capitalize on it.

Michael Chandler believes Conor McGregor’s time outside the octagon will cost him the fight

Conor McGregor has not fought since July 2021, when he broke his foot against Dustin Poirier. The Irishman has been away from the octagon for close to three years now.

Michael Chandler recently appeared on the ShawRyanShow and spoke about the fight. Championship Rounds on X uploaded a clip from the interview where he talks about what will cause McGregor to lose the fight. ‘Iron’ stated,

“I would venture to say his time out of the cage has lent itself to his timing… movement… reflexes not being what they used to be….I’m just gonna, from the first exchange hit him with big punches.”

Chandler plans to go toe to toe with one of the best strikers in the organization. Although ring rust is something that affects fighters, McGregor claims he has been training well for the fight.

Thus, with just months away from the coveted match up, only time will tell if Michael Chandler will be able to make Conor McGregor second guess himself and make him feel out of place inside the octagon.

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