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David Feldman Dismisses Notion of Conor McGregor’s Limited BKFC Ownership: “He Has Substantial Equity”

Souvik Roy

Conor McGregor Offers Three-Word Reassurance After Last-Minute UFC 303 Cancellation

Conor McGregor startled fans at the BKFC Knucklemania 4, after announcing himself as a co-owner of David Feldman’s fighting promotion. But how many shares does he own? Feldman recently caught up with Ariel Helwani in ‘The MMA Hour’ to disclose that McGregor’s “equity” in the BKFC wasn’t a paltry one.

McGregor didn’t stop his “takeovers” after conquering the UFC. He acquired ‘Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey’ in 2018 and took its popularity and sales to an all-new level. So when ‘Mystic Mac’s’ video amidst BKFC Knuclemania 4 was released, it got several fans thinking that he must have acquired a major share of the BKFC’s stakes.

And now Feldman’s words during his ‘The MMA Hour’ appearance added a layer of authenticity to those speculations. The BKFC head honcho said,

“He [McGregor] has needle-moving equity. He has substantial equity in the company. He has enough equity to make a big play.”

Feldman also revealed that McGregor would be in an episode of Helwani’s podcast soon to reveal the exact percentage of BKFC ownership under his control. But BKFC isn’t what exactly on McGregor’s mind right now, or his fans for that matter. It’s all about UFC 303.

McGregor fans are really excited about his UFC return scheduled for 29 June. While that return will most definitely be one of the most watched YouTube videos of the year, ‘The Notorious’ is already breaking other records with one and a half months left in his UFC comeback.

The UFC 303 featuring Conor McGregor’s return has already set a new record

Dana White and his company hear clinks whenever ‘The Notorious’ takes to the octagon. But this time McGregor has already touched a milestone even with more than a month left in his UFC return.

Several recent reports along with an Instagram post from ‘Freak MMA’ and McGregor’s account revealed that the UFC 303 had already shattered the highest gate revenue record by any UFC PPV event. It’s broken UFC 205’s record of gaining $17.7M with a $20M gate revenue already.

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A post shared by FREAK (

Well, this early success could just be the trailer for things to come. UFC 303 might even shatter the UFC 229’s record of being the highest-sold UFC PPV to date. But to be honest, as much as fans care about this stuff, they would simply love to witness McGregor get his hand raised in his UFC return fight.

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Souvik Roy


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