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‘Emotionally Invested’ Ian Garry Reflects on Sharing UFC 303 Stage With Conor McGregor

Kevin Binoy

‘Emotionally Invested’ Ian Garry Reflects on Sharing UFC 303 Stage With Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor will return to the UFC in just over a month at UFC 303. Naturally, any card involving Conor McGregor means big business for the UFC. Given the amount of attention and PPV buys the fight card will generate, fighters are usually clamoring to secure a spot on the fight card as it helps their career massively. Chief among them is Ian Garry who recently shared how much it would mean to him to share the same card as Conor McGregor.

Adam Catterall recently welcomed Ian Garry on the ‘talkSPORT MMA’ YouTube page. During the interview, Catterall asked Garry if he was still planning on facing Covington and if that fight would take place at UFC 303. To which Garry replied saying,

“The truth is, if it’s not Colby, I don’t believe it’s going to be co-main. I don’t believe they will give the co-main if it’s not the Colby Covington fight. That was the fight that I wanted. That was the fight that drives the anticipation. The truth is for me to be that kid that grew up watching Conor, that was just totally and completely invested emotionally in his career, to fight and compete on the same night… it would be a feather in the cap for sure.”

Garry went on to state that as a child he grew up watching Conor McGregor’s fights with his friends. He added that McGregor is the greatest ever, and is someone who has inspired him immensely. Therefore, sharing the same card as his idol and sitting next to him in the press conference would have been a dream come true for a young Ian Garry. However, quite unfortunately, it does not look as though Garry will be able to achieve his dream.

Ian Garry vs Colby Covington set to take place at UFC 303?

After his win over Geoff Neal, Ian Garry had one target on his mind. The Irish superstar wanted nothing other than Colby Covington. The 26-year-old also wanted the co-main event spot on the UFC 303 card. However, since the call out both Covington and Garry have gone back and forth on social media without any definite news of a fight.

In recent interviews, Covington has stated that he was never presented with a fight contract to take on Garry. Well, considering that UFC 303 is just over a month away, it seems like the card is too close for the UFC to close the deal. Hence, even though Ian Garry vs Colby Covington at UFC 303 cannot be ruled out completely, the chances are getting slimmer with each passing day.

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