“It’s my mat and my time”- Tony Ferguson is Eager To Get Back In The Title Frame

Prateek Arya
|Published October 07, 2020

Tony Ferguson is chasing after the Coveted Lightweight title, and is eager to get back in the title picture, after the painful setback against Justin Gaethje.

Tony Ferguson, who was earlier the undisputed contender to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for the Lightweight Belt, lost his way in the pandemic period. UFC 249, the same event at which initially Tony Vs. Khabib was the headliner fight, saw a modification, as because of the restricted air travel at that time (June), Nurmagomedov could not arrive at Florida, and thus Justin Gaethje went up against Tony Ferguson for the Interim championship, and won the title.

Justin Gaethje and Khabib Nurmagomedov are now set to square off at UFC 254, and the new star signing Michael Chandler is the backup fighter. Though, for now Tony Ferguson might be out of the title picture, but he is eager to get back in there, and a fight with the No.2 Lightweight Dustin Poirier, would have paved the way for either him or for Poirier to get the championship berth. However, the plans about the much anticipated bout could not come to fruition, and hence no Tony Ferguson Vs. Dustin Poirier in the foreseeable future.

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Tony Ferguson Reveals why Fight With Michael Chandler Fell Through

While El Cucuy is out of action, he is seeking the perfect opportunity, and according to his recent interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the 36-year-old is aware that a few slots for a main-event is open.  “I hear that they’re needing a main event. There’s one in November and one in December. My agent said we’re fine to fight, but we want to discuss pay because of the opponent change. I always told the UFC I’m in. I’m good with the fights, so let’s make it happen.”

After his fight against The Diamond got derailed midway, UFC evidently targeted him against Chandler, but Ferguson did not accepted it, since the deal was more rewarding to the former Bellator. “Now you’re going to bring in a new dude who I have no clue who this dude is. From a marketing standpoint, dude has less than 100k on Twitter. You’re going to try him more notoriety by throwing him against me and throwing him on the Khabib card. I get it. But don’t pay him more than us. He has zero time in the UFC.”

Tony Ferguson is Willing to Face Anyone

Although, he seemingly has reservations when it comes to the opponent or on the monetary side, but also is on board with the greater objective, i.e., to get in the title frame again. And therefore is ready to face Chandler, Dustin, Gaethje or apparently anyone who could bolster his position.

“Everybody wants me to fight Khabib, right? Yeah, But I’ve got to earn my right back. OK, cool. Who’s it going to be? It is going to be Dustin? Or is it going to be Chandler? I don’t give a f*ck. I said it was a tournament. Now you’re adding in people. Alright, cool. Here we go again. Today marks the celebration, right? Yeah, Khabib and McGregor. F*ck them. That wouldn’t have happened unless they stripped my belt. So, f*ck you. Pay me instead of this (expletive) clown.”

“Like I said, Chandler, I have nothing against you – and Dustin, I have nothing against you. But I ain’t trying to help no one no more. Justin Gaethje, you’re (expletive) welcome you have a belt, son. I guarantee you I’m going to tell you to go get my belt because your ass is going to get (expletive) whipped. I’m coming for it. So both you and (expletive) fathead, this is a message for both of you knuckleheads. It’s my mat and my time.”

(Source- MMA Fighting and MMA Junkie)

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