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Joaquin Buckley Accuses Daniel Cormier of Favoring Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev While Ignoring ‘Another Brother’

Kishore R

Joaquin Buckley Accuses Daniel Cormier of Favoring Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev While Ignoring ‘Another Brother’

No. Joaquin Buckley is not done poking DC! Despite the veteran champion going ballistic on the welterweight, essentially calling him a “p**sy,” for dragging his mother into an argument, Buckley doesn’t seem to let go of the steam. ‘New Mansa’ is now back in the headlines again for his latest scathing favoritism remark on Cormier.

Sharing his thoughts with UFC commentators Jon Anik and Kenny Florian, Buckley criticized DC for not supporting a ‘brother’. He asked why DC was reluctant to back him, a fellow black American as others like Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Alex Pereira root for their brethren.

“Khabib be putting on for Islam(Makhachev). Alex Pereira be putting on for the other tall dude that got into the UFC [that] is also Brazilian. It’s just a pride thing. You put on for your folks. That’s it. It’s nothing wrong with it. But DC hasn’t put on for one brother in the UFC. But he put on for Islam. He put on for Khabib. He put on for Max Holloway, Justin Gaethje, Alex Pereira.” 

Buckley upped the ante, claiming that DC was not just not supporting him, he was also dimming the light, trying to take away his momentum. He also called out Cormier for saying that Pereira could become a world-class wrestler even if he starts training now at the age of 36 and called it “sh*t“.

To be fair to Buckley, DC does tend to fall on the side of hyperbole.

Now to give you a brief background about the whole situation, it all erupted when DC criticized Buckley’s UFC St Louis call-out of Conor McGregor. It wasn’t just DC, even Michael Bisping felt that Buckley was way out of line when he dragged McGregor’s family in an effort to get himself a fight.

Following the criticism, Buckley returned fire, again dragging family members in his tweet. This got DC furious and he went ballistic on the WW, warning him to keep his late mother’s name out of his mouth.

“Dont mention Audrey!” – When Daniel Cormier went scorched earth on Buckley

Former UFC two-division champion and UFC’s colored commentator, Daniel Cormier can certainly take healthy criticism but what he can’t stand is fighters dragging his late mother unnecessarily.

Buckley mentioned, Bisping, Cormier, and Chael Sonnen, put a tweet essentially saying that they were raised as “h**s” by their mothers. This got DC livid and boy, he did not waste any time teaching the young boy a lesson. The Louisiana native blasted him and barred him from mentioning his mother ever again.

While some might think Buckley’s recent statement of favoritism doesn’t make sense, it might be a reality to Buckley. But you can’t blame someone for hyping Alex Pereira, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Islam Makhachev. What are you going to do, not credit them for their incredible achievements?

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Kishore R

Kishore R


Kishore is a UFC writer at The SportsRush. It was a YouTube video of 1989’s Fight of the Year bout between Roberto Duran and Iran Barkley that got him hooked on the thrill of the gladiator sport. Later that insatiable thirst and yearning for controlled violence got him to the defunct PRIDE FC, which was the king of MMA promotions till the Ultimate Fighting Championship broke into the scene. Along with his undying passion for the sport and his experience as a writer, penning more than a thousand articles, Kishore is amalgamating his technical understanding of the sport with his stellar storytelling prowess. From Fedor’s unrivaled reign to the newest crowning of Alex Pereira, he has been religiously following the sport and wishes to see Tony Ferguson bounce back and showcase his old swagger - “IT’S TONY TIME!”

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