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Joe Rogan Deems UFC 300 Main Event Misjudged, Advocates Jamahal Hill’s Underrated Talent Over Alex Pereira

Harddit Bedi

Joe Rogan Deems UFC 300 Main Event Misjudged, Advocates Jamahal Hill's Underrated Talent Over Alex Pereira

UFC 300 has been subjected to a lot of criticism ever since the Alex Pereira vs. Jamahal Hill match-up was announced as the main event. According to sources, many believe the bout is not worthy of headlining such a landmark event. There is also some speculation about Hill not being worthy of a title shot yet. However, Joe Rogan would disagree, and that too vehemently.

Joe Rogan, in his recent podcast with Matt Serra, insisted that Jamahal Hill is not to be taken lightly. To substantiate his argument, Rogan cited Hill’s fight against Glover Teixeira which the former decisively won.

“Hill is f*cking dangerous. Watch the fight with Glover he f*cked up Glover and Glover is good. To f*ck him up like that on feet taking away his singles on real quick. People underestimate them for some strange reason and I do not understand it.”

It would be safe to say that Rogan is an ardent Jamahal Hill supporter and would not underestimate the possibility of an upset. Furthermore, the American challenger seconded Rogan as he made a bold claim about the upcoming fight.

Jamahal Hill Predicts a Knockout

Although Alex Pereira is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, it is not enough to intimidate Hill. In fact, the Chicago native is eager to face ‘Poatan,’ and believes he will come out on top. This confidence is what led Hill to promise not just a win but also a knockout, during an interview ahead of the bout.

“Yeah, a hundred percent. I see myself as superior [than Pereira] everywhere.”

The American challenger is going into the fight as an underdog, while Pereira appears to be in great form. However, given Hill’s confidence, one cannot disregard the possibility of an upset. UFC is also a sport that gets quite unpredictable at the highest level, making it impossible to predict a clear winner at this point.

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Harddit Bedi

Harddit Bedi

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