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Jon Jones Highlights ‘Irony’ in Tom Aspinall’s Reason to Sidestep Curtis Blaydes Fight

Allan Binoy

Jon Jones Highlights ‘Irony’ in Tom Aspinall’s Reason to Sidestep Curtis Blaydes Fight

For the last few weeks, before the UFC announced Aspinall vs. Blaydes, Jon Jones was on the chopping block as fans wanted to see the Heavyweight Champion defend his belt against the interim champion. Jones wanting to fight Miocic instead had received a lot of backlash but Aspinall’s recent comments have opened him up to Bones’ criticism.

When the UFC booked Curtis Blaydes to fight Tom Aspinall, the Brit described it as a lose-lose situation for him. Aspinall claimed that Blaydes was a tremendous fighter but was not popular.

In response to his comments, ‘Bones’ tweeted out by saying,

“Oh the irony.”



Jon Jones had given similar reasons for not wanting to fight Tom Aspinall and fans had torn him a new one for it.

However, when the Brit made these comments fans weren’t exactly surprised. What Jones may have missed is the whole point of this farce. And yes, as harsh as that sounds, an interim title fight just doesn’t make any sense when the UFC could have waited and made a better one.

A fight that would have seen the interim champion Tom Aspinall take on the undisputed champion, Jon Jones. By definition, that should be the next fight. So yes, this will be the Aspinall defending a title that ultimately becomes pointless when Jones returns to active action. So it’s not difficult to imagine why he would believe this to be a ‘lose-lose’ situation.

Regardless, what we have now is a a Stipe and Bones fight, ahead of which, the undisputed champ believes that the challenger is already playing his mind games.

Jon Jones believes Stipe Miocic is playing mind games to put him off

Miocic recently put up a video of him training with pads on Instagram. But a fan on X spoke about how he believed the video of Miocic training was a ‘troll’  video, far removed from reality, only to throw Bone off. Here’s what the champ had to say about it,

“A big part of combat strategy is timing, and deception. To make a long story short, if your opponent appears weak, prepare even harder. Complacency is the greatest enemy to a fighter like myself.”

Jon Jones believes Stipe Miocic is trying to throw him off by trolling with his training video, making it seem as though he is slow. Please note that Stipe also happens to be 42 years of age. So Bones might be completely swinging in the dark, we’ll never know.

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