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Kamaru Usman Brutally Roasted by Fans After Proposing Oleksandr Usyk vs. Francis Ngannou Fight: “Bro Will be Paralyzed”

Kishore R

Kamaru Usman Brutally Roasted by Fans After Proposing Oleksandr Usyk vs. Francis Ngannou Fight: “Bro Will be Paralyzed”

With Oleksandr Usyk’s overwhelming victory over Tyson Fury, there has already been a lot of speculation about whom the Ukranian should take on next. Well, former UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman had an interesting take as he proposed a bout between Usyk and Francis Ngannou. However, this proposal did not sit well with fans who soon took to social media to bash Usman.

Admitting that it is a ‘”crazy” idea, Usman vouched for his buddy, Ngannou, in the ‘Pound 4 Pound’ podcast, only to be trashed by netizens. Essentially, Usman proposes a match between the 0-2 Ngannou and boxing’s undisputed champ, Usyk. While the idea is a bit too far-fetched and a money spinner for the ex-UFC HW champ, the fandom did not approve of this and made their opinions quite clear.

Overlooking the fact that Ngannou recently suffered a vicious KO against Anthony Joshua, one fan pointed out,

“Why would the undisputed heavyweight champion then go on the fight a man that’s 0-1?”

Another fan stated the obvious, mentioning that it wouldn’t be the best match-up for Ngannou as the southpaw will certainly outclass the heavy-handed power puncher and embarrass him for rounds.

“There is absolutely no reason for them to fight, it would be horribly one-sided for Usyk. May not end as easily as AJ made it look but it will be dominant.” 

On the other hand, some fans even poked fun at Usman saying that he is now against Francis Ngannou and wants the former UFC champ to be “concussed” by pitting him against one of the best boxers on the planet.

“I’m starting to think Usman doesn’t really like Francis.” 

“Usman turning heel on Francis? Why does he want to see that for?”

“He’s trying to get Ngannou concussed.”

At the same time, another fan claimed that they did not want another crossover event and that someone deserving should be given the chance to fight Usyk.

I know they’re friends but I hate that, give the fight to the rightful contender. no more of the gimmicky mma/boxing sh*t.”

One fan even put up a GIF that showed the Cameroonian being folded by Joshua in his bout against the Brit.

Even though the African was able to prove his skill in the ring, he got folded like a lawn chair when Joshua got in his power punch. Moreover, while Usman was trying to get his friend a million-dollar fight to up his stocks, UFC commentator Joe Rogan gave his verdict, wanting to see an immediate rematch – Fury vs Usyk 2.

Joe Rogan wants to see an immediate rematch between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk

The entire combat sports world was blown away to see former Cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk outgun the bigger and taller heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Although Fury tried his best to impose his will and use his size to his advantage, the Ukrainian found a way to outbox him.

In round 9 Usyk even got in a looping hook that staggered the Briton, wobbling him, before prancing like a mountain lion to finish the bigger fighter. Still, Fury held on, recovered quickly, and went back to trading punches with the Ukrainian for the rest of the bout.

However, the knockdown was a pivotal part which gave Usyk the edge with the judges handing the win while Fury suffered his first loss.

Thrilled to see the fight, UFC’s Joe Rogan took things to his IG to share his thoughts. Lauding both warriors for the bout, Rogan congratulated the new champion and expressed his desire to see the two face off again for the rematch.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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