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Max Holloway Hails Justin Gaethje as ‘True BMF’ for Having No Regrets After UFC 300 Fight Despite Outcome

Allan Binoy

Gaethje revealed that he has no regrets about the fight

Max Holloway has nothing but love for Justin Gaethje. Going into their UFC 300 BMF title fight, there was no bad blood between the pair. Rather, Holloway was thankful for ‘The Highlight’ since he did not need to take the Hawaiian on, but still obliged as the fans wanted it. Now that a week has passed since Holloway earned a knockout victory, Gaethje revealed he has no regrets about the fight

Championship Rounds posted a clip from Justin Gaethje’s interview with MMA Knockout. In the clip, he reveals how the historical significance of the card was more important to him than the result.

Max Holloway wasted no time in commenting on the post, calling Gaethje the true BMF. ‘The Highlight’ is truly the people’s champion and Holloway concurred, saying,

“True BMF!”

Max Holloway was appreciative of Justin Gaethje even after the fight since he thanked ‘The Highlight’ in his in-octagon interview. He also called for the crowd to applaud the former champion for his incredible effort.

The BMF title fight was always destined to be a knockout. Either of the two fighters could have etched their names in history and for that, losing was a risk they were willing to take. The fight was eventually reduced to a flurry of blows until Gaethje hit the floor completely knocked out.

Interestingly, in a recent livestream, Max Holloway watched how Daniel Cormier had reacted to his knockout. The BMF champion even confronted Cormier live on stream, which led to a hilarious interaction.

Max Holloway confronts Daniel Cormier about his “sad” reaction

Max Holloway’s incredible knockout punch delighted every commentator, but one. That was Gaethje’s good friend Daniel Cormier. The former champion even looked defeated and sad after watching Gaethje fall.

Hence, when Holloway confronted Cormier about his strange reaction to the incredible knockout, ‘DC’ outright replied,

“Hey guys, I love Max, that’s my brother. I love Justin, that’s my brother. But I know the game….Your heart is filled with joy for your brother, and on the other side, you feel bad because we’ve all been there.”

Daniel Cormier then went on to explain that he is good friends with both fighters and would have reacted the same way if the tables were turned. ‘DC’ also insisted that he wasn’t being partial to Gaethje, but was rather sad since he knew how tough a loss like that can be.

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