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Max Holloway Hopes Son Doesn’t Pursue Fighting Career: “It Su*ks to Get Punched”

Allan Binoy

Max Holloway Hopes Son Doesn't Pursue Fighting Career: “It Su*ks to Get Punched”

Max Holloway does not want his son to follow in his footsteps. After over a decade in the UFC, and even longer as an MMA fighter, Holloway has seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although he is immensely proud of everything he has achieved so far, he does not want to see his son going into the same line of work. ‘Blessed’ believes he does not want his son to experience all the difficulties that come with fighting.

Max Holloway is a legend of the sport, credited with having one of the best chins the organization has ever seen. Fittingly, he will fight on the historic UFC 300 card this weekend. In the build-up to the event, Holloway sat down for a YouTube with the former UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson, where they talked about everything from the upcoming fight to future plans.

During the interview, Holloway even addressed the issue he has with his son pursuing MMA, saying,

“Everyone tells me like oh is your son gonna be a fighter, I was like I hope not. I don’t want him to fight, you know how it sucks to get punched in the face and then cut weight.”

Max Holloway went on to talk about how each fight leaves him drained since he has to stay away from his family and friends in order to train. He also claimed that fighting is not as glorious as it seems and that it would be better for his son to get into another profession.

Interestingly, ‘Blessed’ even got to take a look at his brand-new custom shorts for UFC 300 recently, and his reaction was heartwarming

Max Holloway thanks Dana White for giving him his floral shorts for UFC 300

Max Holloway has been asking for Hawaii-themed floral shorts for quite some time now. Although custom shorts are not that popular in the UFC, everything seemed possible once the UFC allowed Sean O’Malley to wear pink shorts for his UFC 299 fight.

Following that, a lot of fighters put forward their own requests for special shorts, with Holloway being one of them. Well, now that Dana White has acknowledged and approved the 32-year-old’s request, this is how ‘Blessed’ reacted.

“Everybody that was asking me for floral shorts and demanding it, thank you to all the fans, I love you guys. Dana, Hunter, they made it happen.”

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Despite showing gratitude, Max Holloway also went on to state that it was the least the UFC could do after not granting him his wish for an event in Hawaii. Nonetheless, he will be joining the likes of Alex Pereira, Zhang Weili, and Justin Gaethje in wearing custom-made shorts at UFC 300.

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