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Mike O’Hearn Shares Hilarious Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Fight Poster Pulling Off Epic April Fool’s Prank

Adarsh Ojha

Mike O’Hearn Shares Hilarious Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Fight Poster Pulling Off Epic April Fool’s Prank

Is Elon Musk v Mark Zuckerberg finally happening? There have been numerous wild matches that have taken place, with some lined up to happen that nobody could have imagined. Likewise, the Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg fight was one of the most talked-about last year. However, unfortunately, it didn’t materialize for the historic UFC 300 event. Meanwhile, Mike O’Hearn, the Fitness Icon, pulled off an epic April Fool’s prank on fans by sharing a fake poster about Musk vs Zuck finally happening. But, instead of UFC, he tricked fans with a fight set for Karate Combat.

Recently, Karate Combat stormed the internet with their poster drop of the Musk vs. Zuck fight. However, in the caption, they revealed that it’s an April Fool’s prank. Similarly, continuing the joke, Hearn also shared the same poster on his Instagram account, stating that his friend Musk will take on Meta CEO on April 20 in Dubai. Mike O’Hearn also added that fans can come and hang out with him during the event at the Dubai Tennis Center.

The poster drop certainly had many believing that the fight was actually happening. However, some fans quickly caught on to the April Fool’s prank. As a result, many joined in on the tomfoolery, keeping the joke alive. Nevertheless, for a moment, many actually thought that after the fallout from UFC 300, it might be finally happening.

Why Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Happen at UFC 300?

Given the rise of celebrity fights within combat sports, the possibility of Elon Musk fighting Mark Zuckerberg seemed quite high. Both have expressed interest in stepping into the octagon, and even UFC veteran Chael Sonnen shared that they had agreed to fight at a historic event. However, due to some disagreements between the two, the fight ultimately didn’t materialize.

According to Musk, he graciously offered Zuck to set up the fight at the Colosseum, like the ancient times. However, Zuck declined, preferring a more modern setting. Additionally, Musk’s desire to set up the fight outside of the UFC was another reason why it didn’t happen.

There is no doubt, if it would have happened, it would have probably broken all the PPV records. However, fans shouldn’t lose hope just yet. There’s still a chance the fight could happen in the future given both are interested in the fight.

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