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“OMG Rush”: Max Holloway’s Son’s Mother’s Day Poem Melts the Hearts of Megan Olivi and Fans

Kishore R

“OMG Rush”: Max Holloway's Son's Mother's Day Poem Melts the Hearts of Megan Olivi and Fans

Acknowledging his mother’s selflessness on Mother’s Day, Rush, Max Holloway’s son Rush had a big surprise for his mom. The 12-year-old wrote his mother a sweet generous letter, summing up his gratitude that eventually won the hearts of fans after the fighter posted it online.

“Thank you for being everything for us. Happy Mother’s day my love,” wrote the UFC’s new ‘BMF’ on IG, conveying his heartfelt emotions to his better half. Attached was a letter from the fighter’s son who penned down his words into a heartwarming letter for “embracing him like her own.” The letter read,

“Thank you for being brave enough to face uncertainties when all things were new. You taught me how to love myself, dream and pursue what sets my heart on fire When everything feels too hard, You are always there to remind me just how loved I really am, You are never tired of making me feel what it’s like to have a family not by blood or name, but by heart and soul, sit to for embracing me like your own. Thank you for embracing me like your own son. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, I love you. Rush, your forever favorite Son.” 


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With the post going up in the air, the online community couldn’t hold back their tears because of the youngster’s kind words. Even UFC presenter and interviewer Megan Olivi was left teary-eyed.

For the newbie fans, Rush Holloway is the featherweight’s son from his first marriage, born in 2012. He is Holloway’s only son and as the post shows, has been raised like a true gentleman.

In fact, Holloway was accompanied with his son to numerous UFC events including the presser of UFC 245.

Others were astonished to see the 12-year-old come up with such a well-written letter.

“He’s an extremely well spoken young man.” 

Whereas another fan couldn’t let things be unsaid, stating the obvious fact, he wrote,

“This is amazing Rush .you are so aware and even more grateful at so young age ..this was beautiful ,every mom dreams on a son like you I promise.”

While another user summed it up in simple words –

“How Precious.”

Although the former featherweight champion is now divorced from his first wife, his current partner takes good care of the fighter and his son, urging him to say that she is the “conductor” of the Blessed Express. And even though the fighter hasn’t disclosed much about his son, his wife, Alessa Quizon, and he, don’t let the kiddo feel left alone.

Here are some of the cutest moments dad-son when Holloway had his son Rush accompany him to fights.

Three times Max and Rush Holloway were Father-Son goals

Win or lose, family sticks forever. Likewise, his wife and son have always been by his side through victory and defeat. They were there for his title wins and losses, even during his bout against Alexander Volkonovski at UFC 245 where he lost the belt. Despite the heavy loss, the Hawaiian came to the post-fight presser with his son, grabbing everyone’s attention.

His bout against Dustin Poirier wasn’t a good sight for the youngster either. Following his 13-fight win streak, Holloway brutally lost the fight in the 155lb division. The kiddo couldn’t hold back his tears, seeing his old man getting battered inside the cage. He broke down after the fight but was quickly consoled by the fighter who embraced him with open arms.

Last but not the least, during Holloway’s title defense against Frankie Edgar, Rush stole the show with his quirky dance moves. He broke a leg during the open workout with the crowd cheering for him as he blazed the stage on fire with his dance moves.

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