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“There’s Been Offers”: Ian Garry Accuses Colby Covington of ‘Running Away’ From the Fight Despite Finalized Plans

Souvik Roy

“There’s Been Offers”: Ian Garry Accuses Colby Covington of ‘Running Away’ From the Fight Despite Finalized Plans

The feud between Ian Machado Garry and Colby Covington has reached a fever pitch. Yet, that didn’t stop the Irishman from adding another chapter to their heated rivalry. Garry recently appeared in an interview with ESPN MMA where he opined that his adversary, ‘Chaos’ was scared to fight him. He further accused the former interim welterweight champion of ducking a bout against him with a plethora of excuses.

While Garry stuck to his point of view, Covington also had his reasons for neglecting the fight against ‘The Future’. ‘Chaos’ derided Garry brutally in one of his Instagram posts and mentioned that he didn’t want to fight Conor McGregor’s countrymate as he held a better rank than him.

Yet, Garry did not find this reason legitimate and revealed that the authorities were ready to put this fight on the UFC 303 card if not for Covington’s denial. He even pulled the trigger on ‘Chaos’ during the ESPN interview, saying,

Look, Colby needs to stop running. That’s the truth. I feel he doesn’t wanna say yes [to this fight] and he’s gonna make any excuse he can [to duck the fight]. There’s been offers [from the UFC], but he hasn’t said yes. I fully believe that Colby’s going to run and not accept this fight.”

Covington had to endure the wrath of fans after a miserable performance at UFC 296. Yet, his current situation isn’t doing him any good as he has been accused of ducking fights multiple times. In fact, UFC lightweight Renato Moicano recently blamed Covington for dodging another fight in the division.

Renato Moicano also accused Colby Covington of ducking another UFC welterweight

The famous YouTube podcast, ‘Show Me the Money’ features Renato Moicano and Gilbert Burns as the co-hosts. These two popular UFC personas indulged in a conversation about the Garry-Covington feud in one of their episodes a few weeks ago.

However, Moicano took the discussion in a completely different direction and opined that Covington was also afraid to fight UFC welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov. Surprisingly, Moicano even pronounced Rakhmonov’s name wrong, which left Burns in splits.

Still, Garry needs to remember the three stipulations that Covington had put forward to accept a fight against him. Obliging to them without any delay may have Covington agreeing to the bout instantly. However, looking at the nature of those stipulations it’s hard to imagine Garry accepting them just for a bout against ‘Chaos.’

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