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“Trying to Sell Card”: Dana White Under Fire After Naming Max Holloway ‘the Greatest Featherweight’ Snubbing Alexander Volkanovski

Kevin Binoy

Dana White Mourns the Loss of UFC Pioneer Art ‘One Glove’ Jimmerson

Dana White is in the firing lines of the fans. The UFC Head Honcho and his team have worked tirelessly over the past few months to put together a card that would leave the fans mind-blown. It features not one, but twelve former and current champions on the card. In addition to that, it also boasts of a number of ranked fighters as well. Dana White has not held back in his stating just how big a deal the card is. However, White might have crossed the promotional line for fans with a statement that did not sit well with them.

In an interview with Stephen A. Smith, the 54-year-old went on to make a bold statement about Max Holloway while speaking about how stacked the UFC 300 card is. He said,

“And Max Holloway always a big fan favourite, probably the greatest featherweight of all time. Going up against Gaethje who is a human highlight reel.”

Needless to say, fans felt that the UFC President was making bold statements just to sell a fight, even though they might not be true. Keeping in mind the domination and impact Alexander Volkanovski had in the division, terming Holloway as the greatest angered the fans significantly.

One fan pointed out the obvious saying, “surely he didn’t lose the same guy three times, right?”

Another fan bashed White, saying, “Dana will say whatever to promote a fight.”

“LMFAOO to promote upcoming fights he always changes his goat.”– added another fan who did not seem to buy Dana White’s claims.

Another fan added, “Dana’s words hold no weight he will say anything that benefits him at that moment. Very easy to see at this point.”

“lol. Simply trying to sell the card again”– commented a fan, calling out White’s ulterior motives.

Well, White may have made those comments in the heat of the moment. However, there is no denying that UFC 300 is one of the best fight cards ever assembled. And now, raising the stakes even further, Dana White has announced a post-fight bonus that is six times more than the usual one.

Dana White raises the stakes for UFC 300

For a long time now, the fight night bonuses in the UFC have been $50,000. However, for UFC 300, Dana White decided to raise it up to a whopping $300,000. During the pre-fight press conference for UFC 300, a reporter urged White to do something special for the bonuses for the event.

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After asking what the right amount should be, the UFC head honcho agreed on the $300,000 amount. The fighters present let out a deafening cheer after hearing the announcement. Needless to say, fighters will leave it all in the octagon in order to try to pocket an extra $300,000. For most fighters, the bonus will be more than their purse for the card.

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