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UFC 300 Lineup: Historic Event to Reportedly Feature UFC Champion

Souvik Roy

UFC 300: Dana White Hints at Surprising 'Twists and Turns' for Historic Event: “Fu**ing Crazy”

The UFC 296 ended with a superb victory for the noted UFC Welterweight champ, Leon Edwards. But, a recent incident revealed that there’s another piece of good news for his fans. It might not be long before ‘Rocky’ takes to the octagon once again. Lately, Edwards’s coach appeared on Ariel Helwani’s podcast, ‘The MMA Hour’ and revealed that Dana White and Co. might want to feature him on UFC 300 card.

The promotional authorities have already declared the scheduled dates for UFC 297, UFC 298, and UFC 299, along with their probable fight cards. Also, Edwards is currently one of the most noted faces in the UFC. This is probably why his coach, Dave Lovell, mentioned that the authorities may want to feature him in their milestone event, the UFC 300.

During Lovell’s appearance on ‘The MMA Hour‘, Helwani questioned him about when can the fans expect to see Edwards back in the octagon. He replied :

“They possibly want him back. I believe. Is it March April, in Vegas again. Okay 300, there’s word on that. But, we’ll just see what the boss says, and if he’s down for it.”


In the latter half of the video, Lovell also said that being available for UFC 300 won’t be a problem for ‘Rocky’ as well. But he also laid stress on the fact that they needed to know who Edwards would be fighting. Well, ‘Rocky’ being in the UFC 300 card is just a probability as of now.

But there’s one fighter who stands as his most prominent one to challenge Edwards for his UFC welterweight gold. The fans might get ecstatic if Dana White and Co. fix him as Edwards’ rival for UFC 300.

Will Shavkat Rakhmonov fight Leon Edwards at the touted UFC 300?

The famous UFC welterweight, Shavkat Rakhmonov, also showcased a superb performance at UFC 296. He achieved a dominant victory over his rival, Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, with a rear-naked choke in the second round. Fans may know that he currently holds an undefeated pro-MMA record of 18-0 including his current UFC run of 6-0. ‘Nomad’s’ UFC 296 in-octagon interview also revealed that he feels he is worthy of a title shot now.

A large chunk of UFC fans are also with Rakhmonov in this one. Looking at his superb record, hardly any MMA fans can doubt his prowess. But currently, it all depends on the promotional authorities if they grant Rakhmonov a shot at Edwards’s UFC welterweight gold. However, it won’t be wrong to say that most fans will love witnessing these two lock horns on the night of UFC 300.

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Souvik Roy

Souvik Roy


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