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UFC Legends Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva Take Iconic Rivalry to the Boxing Ring

Allan Binoy

UFC Legends Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva Take Iconic Rivalry to the Boxing Ring

Chael Sonnen is out for vengeance against Anderson Silva. The pair have fought twice before in the octagon, and both times ‘The Spider’ has outclassed the ‘Bad Guy’. Now, years after their retirement, the pair are taking each other on in a boxing match, gifting the fans, especially the younger ones with a glimpse of what was once a bitter rivalry.

Of course, the pair seem to have put it behind them over the years but to think Silva and Sonnen won’t go gung-ho would be naive. But one should also note that Silva has kept himself active by getting into boxing, whole Sonnen has not fought professionally in years. But he wouldn’t be the bad guy if he didn’t do a call-out.

Chael Sonnen recently posted a video on X where he calls out the Brazilian fighter and reveals the date for their boxing match-up,

“Oh Anderson yoohoo, it’s me again, see you June 15th”


The fight will take place on June 15th in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Anderson Silva’s hometown, completing their trilogy in boxing years after they last fought. Now, this is where it gets interesting.

Sonnen, during his years of being a bonafide killer in the UFC, has said a lot of stuff about Brazil and Brazilian fighters. Be it Wanderlei or Anderson Silva, they all heard stuff you would need to Kneelex in your ears to unhear.

Now while his Anderson seems to have turned into a mature friendship with the former champion inviting him to a cookout, Sonnen doesn’t really know how it would be to step in Brazil. As ‘The Spider’ had said many years ago in jest, after being prodded by Chael about if he could come to his cookout in Brazil- ‘No, they want to kill you there’.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see Chael Sonnen in a competitive fight after all these years. With no kicks or any ground game involved, Sonnen will feel confident in his ability to beat ‘The Spider’.

This will be also Silva’s last competitive fight as he retires from boxing as well on June 15th. Sonnen believes there is no better opponent for him to have.

Chael Sonnen calls himself the perfect opponent for Anderson Silva’s retirement fight

Chael Sonnen is brave for agreeing to take on Anderson Silva in what will be his retirement fight.

In a recent ad by Spaten Fight Night, Sonnen had a message for not just Silva but also the Brazilian fans-

“Spaten thank you for this invitation, there’s only one person able to face ‘The Spider’ in his grand finale, me.”

Chael Sonnen then spoke in Portuguese and said ‘See you in the ring’. It seems like the mind games have already begun from the American.

Another interesting fact to note is that ‘The Spider’s’ son will be making his boxing debut on the same card. A new generation of Silva will enter the combat sports world just as a legend retires.

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