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UFC Star Faces Fans’ Disapproval Again for Calling Out Kamaru Usman After Unrealistic McGregor Attempt

Kishore R

UFC Star Faces Fans' Disapproval Again for Calling Out Kamaru Usman After Unrealistic McGregor Attempt

Following a decision win at UFC’s Fight Night, welterweight contender Joaquin Buckley decided to call out Conor McGregor. Besides, as if that wasn’t enough, the former middleweight contender pushed the envelopes and ran his mouth again, this time calling out the former WW champ, Kamaru Usman just to get thrashed by fans.

Taking things to social media, the St Louis native put up a tweet that said, a bout against him and Usman would be “crazy” and bang for the buck. His post read,

Ya can say what ya want but me vs @USMAN84kg would go crazy and he not booked.” 

This, however, did not get the fandom’s approval let alone the organization’s. Jumping the gun, netizens quickly blasted the fighter with brutal burns, as one comment read,

“With all due disrespect yall not on the same level.” 

Another user couldn’t help but state the obvious fact that Usman was a former champ and is still in the top 5 while Buckley is ranked 11th.

“Nah Usman is a champion and a respectful one at that. You talk trash and are awful at it. You aren’t on his level. Step yo game up.” 

With the fighter talking smack, fans also decided to try out the same strategy. Reflecting on his “awful” call-outs, one fan wrote.

“Alright now your just being annoying.”

Nevertheless, the scene quickly changed and fans started trashing the fighter for his ridiculous claims.

“Usman kills you.”

At the same time, another fan suggested that the fighter was just after fame, and deemed that he’d be easy work for ‘The Nigerian Nightmare.’

‘Easy work for Usman, if you actually want that fight I respect it. I assume you clout chasing though since you’ve shown that tendency before calling out Mcgregor.” 

Similarly, a second commenter asked the 30-year-old to rack up a win against one of the top 10 contenders before challenging Usman,

“You haven’t fought a single top 10 yet, get atleast one under your belt before calling out a champion like Usman.” 

In fact, fans did not hold back, denouncing the fighter’s claim and even calling him a “fill-in fighter.”

“No one likes you or cares about you. You’re a fill-in fighter at best. Shut up dude.”

Well, amidst Buckley trying his best to land a fight, UFC’s ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor went off against Usman and the ex-champ had a perfect response.

Kamaru Usman slaps back at McGregor

With Conor McGregor’s UFC return just a few weeks away, he has already started making headlines. While the Irishman is honing his skills for his fight against Michael Chandler, he is also reigniting some of his feuds with past rivals. The former double champ took a sly did at Khabib Nurmagomedov and even fired shots at Usman during a recent livestream.

When a fan asked ‘Mystic Mac; for his opinion on Kamaru Usman, he insulted the former champ by calling him a “bum.” Usman took notice of this, and in a simple Tweet slapped back, saying,

“No need for the disrespect”

Attaching the ‘Pound 4 Pound’ podcast’s link to his link, Usman gave McGregor a simple reply like a gentleman. However, is this a new rivalry in the making? Only time will tell.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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