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UFC Veteran Believes Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic Is the Right Fight, Expects Even ‘Haters’ to Tune In

Allan Binoy

UFC Veteran Believes Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic Is the Right Fight, Expects Even 'Haters' to Tune In

While most UFC fans want a traditional bout between heavyweight champion Jon Jones and interim champion Tom Aspinall, the former doesn’t seem much interested in such a fight. This has put Jones on the receiving end of a lot of hate, with fans accusing him of ducking Aspinall. However, UFC legend and veteran Matt Brown begs to differ.

Brown recently sat down with Damon Martin for an interview on YouTube, where he addressed the Jones vs. Miocic fight. According to the veteran, both fighters deserve their time in the spotlight, and despite Miocic not being in the top 5, the bout will draw plenty of eyeballs.

“Look they’re two legends that both deserve to fight each other they both deserve that big fight….All the haters, all the blowback people, they’re all going to f*cking watch it. We’re all going to want to watch it.”

Nevertheless, Brown isn’t happy with the timing of the fight. I mean we all know this fight is at least a year late, and that’s not either fighter’s fault since they have had injuries during this period. Still, the UFC veteran believes the fight will sell well either way since at the end of the day it is two legends facing off in the octagon.

Meanwhile, Stipe Miocic doesn’t seem bothered by the hate as he knows what he brings to the table.

Miocic is unfazed by accusations of holding up the division

Fans believe that at 41, Miocic is doing nothing but holding up the division by taking on Jones. To be fair, he hasn’t fought in over three years and is not even in the top 5. However, in a recent interview with Shak MMA on YouTube, Miocic spoke out against all the hate he has been getting for taking on ‘Bones’ towards the end of this year

“I’m not holding up any division like everyone says. I don’t care..Do what you want and stop crying.”

After all that Miocic has given to the sport and to the UFC in particular, the least he deserves is the option to fight whom he wants. Moreover, fan opinion doesn’t matter anymore for Miocic as he has completed his career and has nothing left to prove.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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