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UFC Welterweight Star Forecasts Fiery Post-Fight Exchange with Daniel Cormier Amidst Rivalry

Kevin Binoy

UFC Welterweight Star Forecasts Fiery Post-Fight Exchange with Daniel Cormier Amidst Rivalry

Daniel Cormier is the “Daddest man on the planet”. People loved him as a fighter, they love him now as an expert. But you can’t please everyone. And after his recent tweet about Joaquin Buckley, it would appear the fighter isn’t a fan of the former Olympian.

Mind you, Buckley is fighting on multiple fronts picking fights with the likes of Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, and Daniel Cormier. While Sonnen and Bisping did not take the bait, Cormier took to Twitter to hit back.

It all began after Buckely’s win over Nursulton Ruziboev. Following his win, Buckley took the mic to call out Conor McGregor for a fight.

Buckley’s call-out was slammed by the aforementioned names as nonsensical. ‘New Mensa’ did not take this lightly and went on to brand Bisping, Cormier, and Sonnen, ‘h**s’.

Since then, Buckley has not cooled down on his attack on Cormier. The welterweight fighter posts multiple tweets every day aimed at Cormier poking fun at the former double champion. In his most recent tweet, he issued a warning to Cormier by sharing a video of an inside-the-octagon confrontation between Cormier and Phil Hawes. The caption said,

“Haha yeah @dc_mma think our encounter gone be like this nah big fella #StandOnBusiness.”

Now, Cormier is rather new to punditry and insists that he does not make comments with malicious intent. The former champion recently stated that he is learning the intricacies of being a pundit with each passing day.

Daniel Cormier defends the media and his role as a pundit

Since retiring from the sport, Cormier has become one of the most-known MMA experts on all platforms. ‘DC’ is a commentator for UFC events, hosts weekly shows for ESPN, and has his own podcast.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the comments made by Cormier in one of his many shows upset fighters. In a recent interview, Cormier stated that he makes comments about fighters with their betterment at heart.

Cormier believes that if the comments are taken positively, it will benefit the fighter. He also stated that as a pundit, he often makes comments about fighters that he forgets the next day.

Regardless, he is a legend of the sport, and Buckley, as good as he is, is rather new to the game. So there needs to be a certain level of respect that has to be afforded to the likes of Sonnen, Cormier, and Bisping. UFC is after all the house they built.

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Kevin Binoy

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